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Still-More Declassified Nasa Documents (an Ittelor Document)

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, More from Ittelor\'s journal!

Still-More Declassified NASA Documents

(An Ittelor Journal Document)

“It’s Gorkin Len (10.00) and the borkins (cartoons) are on. My favorite is ‘Casdian’; it’s about an

jipa (uncoordinated) forla (teenage boy) who joins the nedar (circus). Whoa Bupka (Nellie), is that ever funny;

I had zanda (tears) rolling down my face!

“It’s Perlop Len (11.00), and I’m thinking of stealing my sot (old) man’s

trinkadin (a fruit punch-like beverage laced with alcohol)”

“It’s den (noon), and I’m on my gergs (knees) worshipping the sot (old) quester (porcelain-like bathroom seating platform).”

“It’s Tok Len (4.00), and I’m feeling very ves (weak). I should ingest some nortum (something to eat), but still too dreck (sick).”

“It’s Der Len (9.00), and I’m going to shree (pass out). I’m going to unplug the lorp (phone) so I’m not careffed (interrupted). Fot Hem (good night)!

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