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"Vandalism Magic Markers'

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, A new environmentally-safe tool for anarchists to use!

'Vandalism Magic Markers’


"How many times have you been an anarchist defacing public property by spray painting things like,"Screw the Government, or "The President is Secretly-Muslim" on the building, but as an environmentally-aware anarchist, you don't want to use spray paint, which would release dangerous fluorocarbon's into the atmosphere. If only there were a way to scrawl your s**t all over a public building, without causing the further depletion of our ozone layer. Well, now there is! Introducing 'Vandalism Magic Markers', the environmentally-responsible way to let people now about your disgust of an issue, without causing the spread of global warming. So, go ahead, scribble your hatred on the wall, it's not permanent! Instead of a permanent marker of your disgust, our magic marker is water-soluble! So the next time you want to lash out at the planet, without hurting it, buy our new 'Vandalism Magic Markers', and you'll feel no more guilt about helping to screw up our planet!"

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