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Pokemon Special Truth or Dare Chapter 1

By: SoraMew

Page 1, i didnt see much people writing stories about teruth or dare or pokemon, so i wrote one!!!!!! if ur reading this summary, READ THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Characters: Mew-girl, Victini-boy, Celebi-girl, Mesprit-girl, Azelf-boy, Shaymin-boy, Manaphy-girl, Jirachi-girl, Keldeo-boy.

It was a normal day, and all the mini legendaries were relaxing under the sun. It had been fine until Manaphy suggested a game of truth or dare.

“Woo-Hoo!!!! Truth or Dare!!!” Mew and Victini dropped out of the sky, exhausted from their previous game of tag.

“Hey Mana, do you think that’s wise? With these 2 here? I mean, somepokemon could die.” Celebi glanced at the 2 sugar-highed legendaries.

“Cebs relax! I’ll go first since I had the idea, truth or dare Keldeo!”

The pony pokemon smirked. “Dare!” What could happen? Manaphy grinned.

“I dare you to gather all the pokemon in the woods where you live, including the other Musketeers, and scream ‘I, KELDIO, HAS OFFICIALY, LOST MY MIND!!!!’ Then start dancing the caramelldansen (; if you don’t know what it is, look it up) in front of all of the pokemon. Take the camcorder so we can watch it later.”

At this, all color from Keldeo’s face faded. “F-fine. IM GONNA GET U FOR THIS MANAPHY!!!!!” He then started towards his forest(it waznt that far away, but still far enough that you couldn’t hear anything there).

“While he’s gone, I’ll go. Truth or dare Mew.” Victini floated around, an evil grin on his face.

“Dare ‘course!!!!” Mew’s face showed no fear.

“I dare you to have a sugar-eating contest with me!!” At that comment, Mew’s face light up like a light.

“Before I start that, I’ll take my turn. Truth or dare Azzy!” Before Azelf could answer, the echo of a scream could be heard, followed by laughter.


“ok……..anyhow, I pick dare.” Azelf’s eyes were bigger than Uxie’s if it waz open.

“k, I dare you to have 7 minutes in heaven with Mesprit. Do it or you’re gonna be in a locked room with me after the sugar contest.” With that, Azelf dragged (a strangle enough, willing) Mesprit into a cave, 2 minutes later, moans could be heard. “Now, Victini, that sugar contest?” All of a sudden, 2 bathtubs full of sugar appeared, Mew and Victini munching on it in an instant.

The phone (idk how theres a phone in the middle of the forest, but whatever) rang. Jirachi picked it up. “Hello?”

“I’m taking my turn. Truth or dare Jirachi.” Azelf said from the other end.

Jirachi: uh…ok, truth. Azelf: Turn it to speakerphone.*Jirachi did so* Did you or did you not feed my entire stash of Snickers bars to Mew at Suicune’s birthday party? Jirachi: I might have done something like that, yes.

After a minute or so, Azelf flew out of the cave (7 minutes had gone by) face red from both anger and embarrassment. After him waz Mesprit looking like a tomato had splattered on her face. “SO IT WAZ YOU!!!!” Azelf tackled Jirachi to the ground and would have probly strangled her to death had it not been for Mew flying by after finishing the sugar contest.

“WAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!” Both Mew and Victini looked like they had 5 cups of vodka and said amount of sugar. They were still able to control themselves though.

“ok……anywho, truth or dare ‘cebs.” Jirachi scooted away from Mew who was giggling her pink head off.


“I dare you to dance the Dam Dadi Do (dunno if I got the name of that dance rite) in front of a character named Ike and then tell him ur a new type of chicken. Teleport to him. We’ll watch you from this TV.”

“ugh fine.” *Celebi teleports to Fire Emblem world and the TV shows her in front of Ike.

“What’s this green thing?” *Ike watches Celebi until she finishes.*

“Hello Ike, I am a new type of chicken!!”

A second passes by then…. “CHICKEN……..*drools* IM GONNA EATCHA!!!!!”

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ILL GET U FOR THIS JIRACHI!!!!!” Celebi then darts away just as Ike was going to bite her.

(Back with the others)

“THAT IS HILARIOUS!! WAHAHA!!!!!” All the mini legendaries were sprawled on the forest floor, laughing hysterically.

“If this wasn’t a game, id strangle you all.” Celebi flew back, seating next to Manaphy. Her wings were crumpled, there were scratches (and bite marks) on her body, and on her forehead, in magic market, were the words ‘THIS CHICKEN IS MINE!!!! –Ike’. “Anywho, truth or dare……..Shaymin”

“Ahh, you noticed me, and here I was, trying to keep the attention away. Truth.” Shaymin’s eyes didn’t move from the DS in his hands.

“k……oh! Why were you in a pink, frilly, Barbie doll dress last night?”

“A Roselia I was enemies with played a trick on me. I was delivering rare berries to the creation trio and I didn’t notice it was on. I was trying not to be late and when I came to their cave on Mt. Coronet, I had to feed them the berries to keep them from dying of laughing so hard.” Shaymin explained, still not looking away from his DS. All the others burst our laughing. “Truth or dare Mesprit.”

“Dare, why not?”

“I dare you to teleport to Castelia City’s most popular area and scream ‘IM CRAZY!!!!!!!’ over and over again until it’s on the news.” Mesprit’s eye looked like they were gonna pop out from her head. Shaymin can make anything scary, he can probly change an episode of ‘Dora the explorer’ to an episode of “Chucky the Doll”(dunno if that’s wat its called)

“F-fine.” Mesprit teleported away to Castelia city and 10 minutes later, the radio had a newsflash. “This is Gary Oak reporting from Castelia city. There has been a sighting of the legendary pokemon Mesprit near the Castelia cones stand. Mesprit seems to be drunk and he appears to be telling the world that he is crazy. After the TV crew recorded 2 minutes of him saying he’s crazy, Mesprit flew away towards the west (idk) and disappeared. This is Gary Oak with the Crazy Mesprit report. Over and out.” After the report was over, Mesprit floated over to Shaymin and whacked him over the head.

“Hey it waz your decision.” Shaymin turned back to his DS smirking.

“ugh, anywho, truth or dare, Victini.” The Being of Emotions turned to Victini, who was sitting next to Mew, and had his arm around her.


“I dare you to kiss Mew.” Mesprit smirked but gaped when Victini pulled Mew into a kiss with no complains.

“There. Truth or dare…..Keldio.” Victini pulled Mew closer and planted another kiss.


“Would you rather force Green(boy from pokespe) to drink sake and force Silver(another boy from pokespe) into a sparkly pink maid outfit or would you rather do wat Mew made you do at the new year’s party?” Victini smirked.

“The first one” Keldeo answered rather quickly.

“Do it.” Victini ordered

“What” Keldeo’s voice waz totally deadpan.

“Do it or you’ll have to do the other one.” After Victini said that, Keldeo teleported to the pokespe party with no complains.

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