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Literary Social Interactions and Linguistics

Miscellaneous By: xeno wiggin

Exploration of Words

Submitted:Dec 5, 2012    Reads: 11    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I thought about the numerous characters I have loved and still do. Ender, George, Augustus…. How can I only think of three? When has my literary social life become deprived to such an extent? I attempt to pseudo-justify my infidelity through the despotic academic administration, but my linguistic lovers and my writing knows the truth, I am a hopeless philanderer. Well, the word philanderer is a gender-specific word, intended for the stereotypically macho league, but how can one restrain oneself from utilizing such a fantastic word, merely because a limitation is set forth regarding a factor that is inherently pre-determined? Origin: Greek, from "philandros "fond of men,' or from philein 'to love' + aner 'man.'" When shall I reengage in my literary bacchanalia.

Modern neologism- I will use the more "kinetic" version of the word- gave birth to another fantastic word called "epeolatry." (Kudos to urban dictionary dot COM and Wikipedia, both much beloved by our lovely academic educators who diffidently bat their eyelashes in denouncements of notions regarding human infallibility and totalitarianism.) "Figuratively speaking, the word can be playfully applied to philologists, linguists, or lexicographer. The term is of significant satirical value and may be used in the denigration of popular religions or belief systems (Urban Dictionary)." Oh, Oliver Holmes, you fantastic, fantastic man. As mentioned above, epeolatry is a hyperbolic/ satirical word. Hyperbole is very common among the mysterious branch of anthropoid beings called "teenagers," who are infamous for their misrepresentative terminology and the sacrilege of words through a broader application of neologies with acronym bases. For example, "everyone hates me" is a commonly employed hyperbole among the self-indulgent adolescent group. If one genuinely believes that everyone/ large quantity of people in his/her community "hates" him/her, one would be an unredeemable egoist/ narcissist. It is very narcissistic to presume that a large quantity of people care enough about you to hate you.

I've certainly wondered how incarnations of words would be like; I believe "zeitgeist" would be the height of classic sophisticate and "esculent" a ravishing beauty. I don't believe in our popular conceptions of love at first sight, but I certainly believe in love at first utterance/ vocalization, whether mental or verbal. Zeitgeist, moniker, eidetic, staccato, vendetta, pundit, bildungsroman, blitzkrieg, sauternes, solecism, atrabilious, caveat, epeolatry, esculent, etc. etc. you caught my heart. If men like them existed, I would be a firm advocate/ apologist for polygamy. I am, unfortunately, a hopeless romantic. Romance runs in my veins and gives me vitality as a substitute for blood.

As a radical epicure, I am heavily against the much mis-taught doctrine that gluttony is a sin.


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