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An Everyday Conversation for Yoshie Akira

By: Yoshie Akira

Page 1, This is an insightful look into an everday conversation I have....

Me:  Hey.  What'sh up?

Them:  Nothing much.  You?

Me:  Um, jusht drawing shome picturesh.  And I have a little writer'sh block.  It shucksh.

Them:  Yeah, that does suck.  Do you need help in the story?

Me:  Nah.  Thish ish shomething I should do myshelf.

Them:  Oh.  Okay then.

Me:  Yeah.  Sho, has anything intereshting happened to you lately?

Them:  Um...My dog had puppies.

Me:  Aw! :)

Them:  Yeah.  How about you?

Me:  My dentisht was hungry.  I shwear, it'sh true.  While he was putting my crown on, his tummy was growling.

Them:  Haha, that's funny.

Me:  I know right! XD

Them:  Okay, well.  See you later, I guess.

Me:  'kay.  See ya. :)

My mind:  Dear Lord, your lishp has gotten worse shinsh that dentisht appointment...O.o

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