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FOR THE LULZ when you're dealing with a complete Twitard

Miscellaneous By: yuu shindemura

whenever you meet a 'twitard' or 'twilight-retard', do not ever try to tweak them, instead--

JUST LAUGH. ;) it's in the LULZ!:))

yep, i've been itching to post this ever since around October 27, 2009.^^ Now, I can, finally!;)

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"Someone who is smart can always play dumb, but someone who is dumb can never play smart."

~~Yuu Shindemura

it happened last Oct. 25, 2009;
during the time when a lame imposter claiming he/she came from the Booksie_Team spammed the heck out of most booksie authors. Some believed, some doubted--all in all the imposter's purpose is to 'fix' the problem of booksie (much like how a presidential candidate wants to fix everything when the presidential elections is drawing near). (In the end I inquired to BooksieGuy regarding the booksie_team, since Booksie_Guy is the booksie's official maintenance manager and the next day, no more mr.booksie_team.^^)

Anyway, when the Booksie_Team account is still operational, I just voiced out my opinion about the impending rise of the Twilight fanfics, stating that these fanfics should be placed in the www.fanfiction.net and not here in booksie (since booksie is a creative writing website, not a fanfic web).

All of a sudden,
as much as I don't know her from the start and I don't care about her, XxLiBeRtYxX suddenly came out sparkling i mean, ranting and telling me in all caps about whatever she cares about her overly obsession called "twilight".

I already encountered enough twitards (twilight-retards or insane twilight fans) for the past year, ever since twilight came, hence, another batsh!t will just be added to my lol_category (' ',)

Hence, XxLiBeRtYxX or the joint account of both Britni888 and Libby Drew, as well as I seem to know that was Libby Drew using the Liberty-Account (figures if you observe Britni888's profile and compare it to Libby Drew but still, idc if who among them started), is one of the twitards which plagued the world ever since October 2008.

What's interesting anyhow about XxLiBeRtYxX is that I'm the first one she encountered to have hated twilight (really? lol). Twilightsucks.com also began when twilight was released along with these twitards' existence, but as you will observe it very soon, XxLiBeRtYxX/Britnii888/Libby_Drew didn't actually know that there are people who hated, hates, and will continue to hate the twilight series. =D

(I believe booksie authors like sam316547, alyssameep, and secret_valentine have seen her actual comments (as posted below) attacking here in my comment section profile.XD)

So, how to deal with Twitards?

NO! Don't do that, that will just make dumb twitards to act as trolls.

When a twitard heats up or got angry due to your rightful, knowledgeable, and logical comeback against twilight, they will transform into a TROLL.

In fantasy games such as Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star Online, trolls have the ability to make your character go berserk, as well as in the movies, trolls are deemed to be always grumpy and angry.


Yep, figuratively speaking, by thought it means don't incite them any longer.^_^

To avoid getting stumbled with twitards' trolling, always follow my quote (as cited above) as well as maintain a cool level, don't take their trolling into your system.

Here's how;

tell the twitards the reason you have (be sure to tell only your frontline reason, make sure you have A LOT of cards to play), here, I just redirected her (Liberty_Drew or Britnii888---whoever was using the XxLiBeRtYxX account) to Twilightsucks.com; despite I LOL'd when I took her notion that I'm the first one she has encountered that hates twilight.


state your reasons well, take into consideration that twitards cannot grope much deep knowledge.^^ though you can observe more or less if your reasoning is effective depending on a Twitard's IQ.
Don't worry though, rest assured such reasons are understandable and comprehensible to the normal, sane human beings.

yep, juz tell them thanks for the lulz!^^ When a twitard fails, it means you win. ;)

and here's an additional!!=D


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