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Faking Max

Novel By: alishaclaire

"I looked over at the girl beside me, skimming her from head to toe. “Hey, Is there a mirror in your pants...? I think I can see myself in them” I gave her a sideways smirk and stared into her eyes.
"Max! Your gay, stop leading people on who you aren't interested in" Bella smacked me on the arm roughly whilst glaring at me. If only she knew."

Two things were wrong in Max's life. The first was that he was in love with his best friend. The second was that he'd told her he's gay.
Folllow Max as he struggles through high school with the weight of his lie on his shoulders, I'm sure it won't turn out how you'd expect. Throw in some witty comments, trouble making and enemies and it's the perfect recipe for disaster.

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Having spent many hours in the summer messing with Bella's mind; I've come to a conclusion. I'm an annoying ass. Not that that's a bad thing though. It's just made me tired from all the thinking I've been doing. Honestly, you'd think I'm 80 with the amount of sleep I need. This however has made it very hard for me to wake up on time. On time for what you might ask… The bitch hole. And by 'bitch hole' I mean school.

On my first day back, I'm late. And I'm not even talking half an hour late. I arrived three hours after everyone else. But that's okay; its lunch time so it's not like I missed anything important. All the good stuff happens now. This is how it should be every day. If they gave us food when we came to school then maybe we would be better in lessons. Its brain power and all that shit.

With my bag slung over my shoulder, I walked smoothly over to where Bella sat with Sebastian. Without alerting her that I was here, I reached over and stole her apple. I took a step back as soon as I had, knowing I would lose a limb if I stood too close. "Max! Give me my apple back you annoying prat!" Her eyes filled with fire as her head whipped around to face me.

"But an apple a day keeps the doctor away, honey. You don't want me to get sick do you?" I pulled an innocent face and jutted out my bottom lip. In all honesty, I'd forgotten my lunch money. Before she could even respond, I took a massive bite out of her apple. Trying to smirk with too much apple in your mouth isn't the easiest thing ever, let me tell you. With the not so charming 'smirk' on my face, I dropped her apple back onto her tray.

"You're a dick, do you know that?" She said, a small smile playing on the corners of her mouth. I shrugged and took the seat beside her. I plonked my bag heavily onto the table, not really caring about the racket it would make. It did however bother Sebastian. Not many things didn't to be honest. Everything I did would earn me a death stare from him, even just a "Hey Seb! Looking fine today". He would bulge out his eyes and set his mouth in a straight line. It's the weirdest expression ever. He really seemed to dislike me. If he had a knife on his tray he wouldn't hesitate to stab me. He tried it once actually, but luckily he only had a plastic spoon.

"Do you mind? Some of us are trying to have a civilised conversation without your misshaped face involved" He crossed his arms over his chest and stuck his chin out, the perfect picture of a douche. Sebastian really needs to work on his insults. He should at least say things that are true. All that his words make me think is 'idiot'. I would have thought he could come up with better considering the ones I throw at him sometimes. Take some inspiration from the master, worm face.

"I'm sorry Seb, are you having trouble with Karlie again? She found out about that toothpick you keep in your pants, didn't she?" I pulled a fake sympathetic look and shrugged as if to say 'what's a man to do?' Sebastian flicked a pea off his plate at me but missed and it just rolled off the table slowly and sadly. I watched the pea as it moved and then brought my eyes back up to him. I raised one eye brow them shook my head. "I'm so scared." I said in a monotone voice. Before he could input to the conversation, I turned my attention to Bella. She just ignores us when we fight because she knows no real harm will come out of it. Until that douche asks her out that is.

"You've got Chemistry with me next, don't you?" Bella asked without even glancing at me as her eyes stayed trained on the chicken breast she was failing to cut. I brushed her arms aside and took the plate from her and started to cut the chicken into small chunks.

"We've always had chemistry, if you know what I mean… Why don't you help me make some potions and we'll see what happens" I sent a suggestive wink in her direction which caused her to burst out laughing. I finished cutting her food and passed the plate back to her, not before stealing a piece.

"Wouldn't you be more suited to someone like Sebastian? You know you want it, you know you want it." She sang along to blurred lines whilst bumping shoulders with Seb. Sebastian didn't even bother to make a remark, just stabbed his fork in his food a little bit too hard. It's no secret to everyone that I'm gay. The secret is that I'm not.

"It's already dead you know Seb" I said, gesturing towards the cow he was butchering all over again. Bella laughed lightly next to me.

"Piss off, piss face." He said. A sour look deposited itself upon his face as he savagely chewed on a piece of meat. I let out a low chuckle, as did Bella, as the bell rung throughout the hall signalling lunch was over.

"Well, I hate to leave you Sebastian. Honestly, it breaks my heart. Don't miss me too much, babe." I called as we parted ways with him. Only we didn't. "What are you still doing with us butt face?" I squinted my eyes at him as he tried to fit through the door at the same time as me.

"I have chemistry with Bella too" A smug look appeared on his face. The double meaning behind his words was clear, but not as clear as the glass I want to press his face into. Deciding to not get another detention today, I just settled for muttering "Dick" under my breath. I also kicked his chair when he was trying to sit but who's counting, right?

I know it looks like I hate Sebastian, but I don't really. He's my annoying step brother. He can be an idiot but underneath it all I trust him. He's the only person that knows that I'm not really gay. I had to tell him because he kept trying to set me up with his friends from his old school and one day I just snapped. I don't think I would have voluntarily told him, but the douche knows not to tell anyone. I have some pretty juicy gossip about him as well. An eye for and eye, that's what they say. We made a mutual pact, despite our differences. If he doesn't tell anyone about my secret, I won't mention his obsession with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton perfumes. Sounds fair to me… I still get to take the piss out of him about it. But in return for my teasing, he flirts with Bella. He really knows how to push my buttons.

"Prick" I whispered as I slid into my seat beside him.

Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading the first chapter!


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