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Blackanese: Legend of Takashi Hirano

Novel By: Ana Rui

Takashi Hirano is an african american kid whose biggest dreams is to become a ninja, but all hell broke loose when they have a new master, two mermaids, and a daily dose of comedy that don't make any sense! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 3, 2008    Reads: 110    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Prologue: Takashi, a trainee at some ninja academy and who is also
half Black half Japanese, wanted to follow his dream to become a ninja warrior. If his dream came true, then he'll be the first black ninja since the premier of "Afro Samurai."
Chapter 1: New Master in Town?
(At morning,Takashi jumps out of his bed, wakes up Kyo,who
is really 16 ---even though he looked like a 10-year-old, and
tells him the good news.)
Takashi(shaking Kyo):Wake up, Kyo, wake up, WAKE UP!!
Kyo(groaning):What is it now, dumbass?
Takashi(excited):I got some good news!
(Kyo became excited when Takashi said "good news",the kind
that he wanted Takashi to leave the manor.)
Kyo(excited):Is the good news mean that you are going away?!
Takashi:Hmm...nope, not exactly.
Kyo(pointing to his bed):Back to bed.
(Takashi grabbed Kyo by the arm and told him the real good
Takashi(from bored to excited):Well it's kind of gay, but YEAH!
Kyo(bored):Oh great! Who's the new master now, "Master Retard?"
(Master Mioshi, the new master of Tokyo Ninja Academy, came out of nowhere, was standing there infront of them. Mioshi looks down at Kyo.)
Mioshi(looking down at Kyo):Hey, aren't you suppose to be in school
little boy?
Kyo(yelling to Mioshi):I'M NOT A LITTLE BOY, I'M 16!!!!
Takashi:Yeah, but you do look like a little boy.
Kyo(then to Takashi):Damit Takashi!
(Then out of the blue, Ryoko woke up. Just like Kyo, she's never a morning person.)
Ryoko(half asleep):Okay, what the hell just happened?
Kyo(still pissed):Don't ask.
Takashi(excited):We have a new master today! Whoo Hoo!
Ryoko:Stop being excited, Takashi, you sound like a queer.
Takashi(to Ryoko): Am not!
Ryoko(to Takashi):Are too!
(Takashi and Ryoko aruges)
Kyo:Um, guys, can we like do something?
(Meanwhile,Takashi and the other ninjas, excluding Kyo,are
ready for training, Ryoko, However, has to watch, not only
she's older, but she's like the "lieutenant" ninja.)
Kyo(complaining):I don't want to do this!
Takashi:Don't worry about it, Kyo, it'll be fun.
Kyo(to himself):Uh-huh sure it is!
Mioshi:Okay, peoples, if you are going to become a ninja you must block you opponents attacks...
Daisuke(to Takashi):This will be fun!
Takashi(to Daisuke):I know.
Kyo(to Takashi & Daisuke):Yeah, but don't make too fun, you know what the master might do if we made it too much.
Daisuke(to Kyo):Don't sweat it, kid, we'll listen.
Mioshi:For example...
(Jun walks into the stage)
Mioshi:Jun and I are going to demonstrate on what you'll be doing in a moment.
(Mioshi starts by blocking Jun's attacks,then Jun blocks Mioshi's
Takashi(to himself)OMG, he's the coolest!
Kyo(to Takashi):Huh? Takashi, what the hell are you doing?
Takashi:What? nothing.
Mioshi:Did you guys get what we are doing?
All:Yes, Headmaster!
Mioshi:Okay, does anybody have any questions?

(Kyo raises his hand, but since he is short, the master couldn't see his hand.)
Mioshi:Good, All right, morons, let's get to work!
Takashi(grabbing Kyo):Come on, Kyo!
Takashi:Did you know what we're doing?
Takashi:Yeah, ready?
Takashi(excited)LET'S DO THIS!!!
(Takashi started to use his moves on Kyo.Kyo tries to block
the attacks.)
Kyo(in pain):Ow! Takashi that hurt!
Takashi:That's what training is all about.
Kyo(complaining):Can we just stop, all ready?
(Mioshi looks at Kyo & Takashi.)
Kyo(to Mioshi):I AIN'T NO NINJA, SIR!
Mioshi:Too Late, once you live under my dojo, you do as I tell you to.
Daisuke:Maybe it's because you're a little kid and that you don't deserve to be called a ninja!
(Takashi heard what Daisuke had said to Kyo.)
Takashi(to Daisuke):Hey, that isn't nice, Daisuke!
Kyo(to Takashi):Really, Takashi, he's right, I suck being a ninja!
Takashi(then to Kyo):WHAT?! Suck being a ninja, you don't suck!
Kyo(first at Takashi then to Daisuke):Yeah, I do, and I'm not a little kid Daisuke!
Daisuke:Suit yourself.
(Daisuke went back to training)
Ryoko(to Takashi & Kyo):He's a real dumbass.

Takashi:Yeah your right... I guess.

(End of Chapter 1)


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