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The jock fells in love with the tomboy

Novel By: blueblack99

Jake is your average tomboy with 2 over protective brothers,drake is the jock.she likes to fight,and eat ,he likes to sleep around ,fight,and never had a girlfriend.What happens when the jock fells in love with the tomboy.will everything work out.will they have their happy ending? View table of contents...


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''Wake up !"My brothers yelled causing me to fell over the floor.They knew how I hate when people yell.Also I'm not a morning person, If someone wakes me up I'll be grumpy.

"David, Jason I'm going to kill you,''My brothers were looking scared ,but acted cool."Get up we are going to school,"Jason said.It was already 7:30 and school starts in 30 minutes.I totally forgot that we have school

"Get out so I can change''.They nodded and left.

I got up from the floor ,and went to the mirror. My hair is blond,I dyed my bangs blue. Got a lip piercing,my ears pierced.My mom was mad at me and grounded me for two weeks.

I wasn't sure what to were on my first day of school,so Idecided to wear black baggy jeans,black veil shirt,black converse,and some bluehoodie.Then I tried to put some eyeliner,but the result was that I poked my eye many times till I did it right.That's way I don't like make-up.

"Hurry up, we don't have time''.

I yelled ,"I'm going''.With that I grabbedmy backpack and went downstairs.When I got downstairs my family was eating, also my mom was reading the newspaper like always,''you are going to be late,"mom said.

"Relax mom we are going to be on time ,only if Jason didn't drive so slow".Jason tried to looked mad and fail,"Hey I don't want to have an accident''.Jason is the one to be mature and careful on what he does.

''Shut up''

I noticed that Jason was wearing a blue shirt with black jeans, and blue converse. His black hair was shaggy. David was wearing a black shirt with baggy jeans, and black converse. His black hair was shaggy too.Jason is 17 , David is 16, and I'm 15.

My mom was in her hospital clothes.We don't have a dad, because he left us when we were 5 years old.She always works, so we don't see her very much.

''Ok, we can go now ''

''Thank god'', they said.I got up and give her a kiss on the cheek and she said'',I love you''.

''Love you to''.

My brothers did the same and when they were finished we went outside."So do we go to the cars,or the motorcycles",David said.I didn't now what to chose.I decided on the motorcycle,''Lets' go with the motorcycle''.

"Can I use yours,"Jason said.

"NO !it's my baby,"I didn't trust anyone to drive my motorcycle even my own brothers.

"I'm so hurt that you don't trust me"He said while pretending to look hurt.

"You can use my mustang"I said.With that he started to grinned.Then I started to think.He has his on car ,why would he need my motorcycle when mom bought him a car and a motorcycle.Unless he did something and lost the motorcycle , or both.''Ok'' he said

"Fine lets' go,''I whispered.

I let him too use my car.Later I was going too ask what happen, or just that he wanted to use my motorcycle.If we kept talking we will be late for school.I wanted at least to be on time.This school was going to be the tenth in a year that we change schools for not following the school rules

I followed my brothers to the garage.Jason grabbed the control to the garage which it was automatic .When it open up we saw ours cars and motorcycles except Jason.We walked in ;I giveJason my car keys.I went to my Yamaha YZF R1 ,black motorcycle.With that I got in and started the motorcycle.My brothers were in the car too and started the car.I didn't bother to put on my helmet,I like feeling theair in my hair.

When we were ready we went off to school.I noticed that my brothers were going fast.They new how i like to race.I grinned.I started to pass the speed limit and my brothers when I started to noticed the school gates.The school was big with 6 buildings and was made of red bricks.It looked fancy with all the designs and ,expensive cars and clothes.We are super rich,but didn't show it off liked them.


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