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Being A Girl

Novel By: CapnPanda

A.K.A "Dude To Dudette"
“You seriously wanna do this?” She said looking me right in the eyes. “I think I am ready for this. Time for a change, eh?”
Being one of the boys is the easy part but the harder part is actually being a girl for Beverly Smitten. Beverly has been a part of the boys for so long now, she is forgetting how a girl acts and dress. Beverly is turning into a boy but in a female body. After what seems like her whole life Beverly wants the change of her life and she turns to the best friend that knows how a girl acts and dresses.
Hadley Daniels has been Beverly best friend since they met in year three. Beverly knows that if anyone is going to help her make this change, it will be Hadley.
Will Beverly be able to make this change or is she just one of the boys for good? View table of contents...


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Chapter One
"More excited to see my brother than me."
Song For This Chapter:
Count On Me
by Bruno Mars

I looked at the clock on the wall, four-thirty it read. I quickly put my hair up into a ponytail on my head and put my sunnies onto my face since I didn't feel like be blinded by the summer afternoon sun. I grabbed my keys and wallet before heading out the door and down to my Mitsubishi Lancer. I unlocked it as I walked down to the car and got in. I was getting frustrated with myself since I felt like I have been forgetting something all afternoon. I just couldn't quite put my finger on what I am forgetting about it. I reserved out of my drive way before heading to Jerry's place. It being a Friday night - we all met up at Joey's for a piss up (piss up = drinks). We normally went to Jerry's on a Friday night when it was footy season but footy wouldn't be back on for another couple of months.

Gunning it down my street I skidded to a stop before taking a left and heading to the highway since it was the quickest route to Jerry's. I pulled up to a stop at the lights and looked in my back seat to see my little brother, Joey's booster seat in the back. I hadn't seen Joey all afternoon and I missed the little monster. Out of all my mates, I'm the only one who has a little brother and have the best bond with him. I didn't even know where he was.

I took off from the lights and then it clicked. I was supposed to pick up Joey from after school care.

"FUCK!" I screamed.

I did an illegal U-turn before gunning back the way I came. How the fuck could I forget about my little brother? In all seriousness, I am the worse sister in the fucking world at the moment. I just hoped that Joey would forgive me. Maybe ice-cream would send him to forgive me. I turned onto a street called school road which was the road that the daycare that he went to for after school care was on.

I put my foot down and quickly pulled into the daycare parking before turning off my car and legging it inside.

"Beverly, you're really late today." Addie at the desk said.

"I kind of, um," I scratched the back of my head.

"Forgot? Stress less, this is only the second time this year, Bev." Addie assured me.

"I feel so freaking bad about it." I sighed.

"Go get him." Addie smiled with a laugh.

I nodded, "Right."

I ran down the hall to classroom Stars. They named all the classrooms different names. Like the baby room is called Little Betty's. One because they are little and two because the head staff member in there is called Betty. She is an awesome, lovely lady.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as I barraged in.

"BEVY!" I heard Joey squeal.

"I'm so sorry Joey!" I said as I bent down and hugged him.

"It's okay, me and Miss Sally played with blocks and we went outside for a little bit and then we played with some play dough." Joey gushed.

"You can tell me in the car, little bro." I smiled.

"Beverly, Beverly, Beverly." Miss Sally said.

"I know, I am so very sorry. I didn't mean too. It just happened!" Now I was rambling.

"Calm down, Beverly. This is the second time, don't stress." Miss Sally smiled.

"I still cannot believe I done it. I'm so stupid sometimes." I said and smacked my forehead.

I really do feel bad. Forgetting is one thing, forgetting my little brother is a whole different mother fucking story. I grabbed Joey's bag as he said good bye to Miss Sally.

"Good bye Joey, I'll see you next Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend." Miss Sally smiled, "Oh Beverly, you are not stupid just because of this." Miss Sally smiled at me now.

"Thanks." I smiled.

"Both of you have a great weekend, I'll see you both next week."

We both waved good bye before walking out of the classroom. Joey told me all about what he did at school today and what he did at after school care as I signed him out and took him out to my car. He would be with me until my Mum finished work at eight.

My mum is a single mother and works double time just to keep a roof over hour head and food in the cupboards. My mum left my so called father when I was eleven and Joey was only three weeks old. The memories of why she left him still made me scared of him and hate him. I was glad that Joey didn't know him.

I had been waiting all day for mum to let me hold my little brother. But when she said I could and made me sit down on the couch he started crying. Mum gave a little laugh and told me that he was getting hungry so she best feed. I nodded sadly and followed mum into the kitchen.

"Samantha!" Dad's drunk voice rung through the house.

I saw my mum cringe as she heard his voice and she told me to sit down and stay quiet. I did as I was told and sat down. I brushed my short brown hair out of my face with both hands as I smiled happily at mum and Joey.

"SAMANTHA!" Dad growled.

"Y-Yes darling, I am in the kitchen feeding Joey." Mum called out, her voice sounded scared.

I could hear his heavy footsteps getting close and soon he stumbled into the kitchen and the smell of beer, whiskey and cigarettes slowly sunk around us.

"Give me some money." He demanded.

Mum looked at him and I could see her body shaking, "I'm sorry; I don't have any cash on me. It's all on my card."

"Give me your fucking card then." He snapped.

"Collin, I'll be going to the shop soon to do some shopping with Beverly and Joey. I can get you whatever you want then." Mum smiled kindly.

I sat silently as my dad let out a slow, angry breath. Mum got up and went to put Joey in his swing that was sat near me. I smiled happily at Mum since she was putting my little brother next to me. She went over to my Dad and smiled at him and stroked his face like she did when she put me to bed.

Dad slapped her hand away, "Don't fucking touch me. Give me your card so I can go get some fucking beers." He growled.

"Collin, please. I am going to the shop in about ten minutes, could you wait until then?" She asked softly.

It all happened in slow motion and a scream, my scream filled the room when Dad's hand came up and the back of it hit my Mum's face making her fall to the ground. I wanted to run over to my Mum but she looked at me, pleading for me to stay put. I stood up and stood in front of Joey.

"M-my cards in my w-wallet." She whispered, keeping her tears in.

He smiled happily and walked over to the bench and grabbed her wallet. He opened the wallet and grabbed her card. He went over to my Mum who was still on the floor and lifted her up and wrapped his hands around her body. Her body stiffened under his touch.

"I'll be back soon, I love you my darling." He kissed her nose before turning to me, "Be good for Mummy, sweetheart."

I shook the thought of my dad as I pulled out of the car park. Joey was still going on about his day and I was nodding every now and then at him. He stopped when he looked at me through the review mirror.

"Are you okay, Beverly?" He asked quietly.

"Oh what? Yeah buddy I'm fine." I smiled, "Hey we are going to Jerry's now!"

"JERRY!" Joey screamed.

Joey and Jerry had this little bond. It was cute really and I never think anything is cute. Things just aren't cute. Expect for Joey, he is the only thing, person who is cute and Joey and Jerry's bond. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.


"JOEY!" Jerry hollered out like a fucking cattle call.

"JERRY!" Joey squealed from his seat with a massive smile on his face as his eyes landed on Jerry.

I got him out the car and carried him over and onto the grass that made Jerry's front lawn. I had never seen a little kid run so fast in my life. I locked my car and walked up the grass and greeted the boys with the shake before walking inside.

"Oi brah! You drinkin' tonight?" Felix asked me.

"Yeah man, after Mum picks up Joey, ay." I replied.

"Aw Joe Boe is here!?" Felix said.

"More excited to see my brother than me." I muttered.

Felix punched my arm, "Cheer up buttercup."

"Fuck you." I laughed.

Felix dashed off in search for Joey as I rubbed my arm. I'm used to the guys always punching my arm but lately it was getting to me. Even when they called me 'bro', 'brah' or 'man'. I didn't know what the fuck was going on with me. It never bothered me then but why is it bothering me now? I had no idea and it was pissing me the fuck off.

"JEREMIAH!" I hollered out. Now, I sound like the one making cattle calls.

"What?!" Jerry said as he walked in the room.

"What we drinking tonight?"

"Jack Daniels, Bundy rum and got vodka for shots. Guna be hectic. Oh, some of the girls are coming round too."

"You mean sluts." I replied.

"Hey, if it means I get my dick wet, I couldn't care."

"Until you get herpes."

Jeremiah shook his head, "Shut up." He laughed and walked away.

Those boys will learn when they don't cover their stump before the hump. They will end up with some STD if they aren't careful. These girls' thighs are missing each other since they are always apart. Oh well, not my problem if they get an STD.


The first chapter to BEING A GIRL. How do you guys like Beverly? Not much happening in this chapter and the chapter is short but I promise you guys that I do plan on making sure these chapters are longer and this story maybe longer than thirty chapters! I have some surpirses for this novel and it may just shock you guys pretty hard well I hope so and a lot of laughs, I hope since I shall be putting my humour into it. Anyways, guys, please remember I have CANCELLED 'My Best Friend's Older Brother' AKA 'Fake Lovers'.
Remember to comment, like it, rape it, drool, whatever. PLEASE comment more than just 'I love it' or 'KMU' so I know that you actually read it.

CapnPanda xo

PS: Do any of you remember me writing a novel called 'Now, It's Your Turn'? If you do, you may see it again on Wattpad. Really thinking about posting it on Wattpad and sort of re-writing it again! :D


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