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Novel By: Carrot

Tags: Hell, Afterlife

A teenage boy who gets dragged into hell after making a silly mistake. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 22, 2007    Reads: 241    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1: The New Home

It was late at night, but I simply refused to go home. My major examination had finally ended, it's natural that I wanted to stay longer, there's no reason for me to go back home. Well, you see... It's like this... Immediately after I stepped out of the examination hall, my friend dragged me away, together with my bag, and I found myself ending up inside the taxi and the next second I was in front of the pub. "Woo hoo!" she exclaimed and went inside, still dragging me along, with a group of our friends following behind her.

Before I knew it, a dozen bottles of beer were delivered to us. We started gulping them down, bottle after bottle, till we were all drunk. My friend cracked a joke, everybody went roaring with laughter, I laughed too. The next second, I was surrounded by pitch dark. There were chattering sounds all around me, I wanted to wake up but I simply couldn't budge. When I finally managed to open my eyes, four white walls surrounded me. The chattering sounds were gone by then, and I was falling, falling deep down into nowhere. I had no idea what was in store for me; I didn't want to know either, as it couldn't be anything good, I suppose.

With a loud "Bang!" I finally landed on a hard marble floor, which took ages. I could feel my heart pounding furiously. Placing my hand against my chest, I tried to comfort myself but I stopped in my tracks. Not only was there something unusual about this place that I was at, there's something unusual about me as well. I tried to feel around for my heartbeat but there seemed to be nothing at all; no heartbeat, no pulse, and I weren't even breathing! "Oh My God! What in the world just happened?" I gasped.

"Welcome!" a voice answered me. "To hell!"

"What?" I asked in astonishment.

The colour of the wall changed rapidly into black. A black figure appeared in front of me, holding a book. "Oh, I see. Another newcomer. Welcome!" he greeted me, smiling. "That's the 1000th newcomer today, good job everyone, you can go back now," he instructed the rest of the men. Turning to me, he addressed me again, "Hello young fellow, now erase away that look of bewilderment from your face! Yes you are in hell, no breathing, noheartbeat and no pulse is the best explanation you can get."

"This guy is amazing, I haven't even ask him any questions yet. How did he know what I was thinking?" I thought in even more befuddlement than ever.

"I'm not called Hades for nothing, you know?" the black figure replied, looking at his book.


"You know, as in the GOD OF THE DEAD?"

"Is that a history question? I don't think I ever chanced upon that word in my textbook before..."

"Never mind... Okay, as I was saying, you are in hell, according to your records you are a pretty good kid..."

"Of course," I interrupted.

He gazed at me and I immediately stopped what I was going to say. He continued again, "... so as a result, you wouldn't be receiving any form of punishment but still you have to work..."

"What! Hey, that's not fair! You just said I was good..." I rebutted.

"Silence! Let me finish what I was going to say first!" he yelled and the other men in the room turned around and stared at him. "As I was saying, you have to work, it's exactly like what you had to do if you are alive. It's fine if you don't work but then, you wouldn't have any money, which is the essential thing needed to buy your daily items like food and water."

"I need food and water in hell?" I asked in surprise.

"Definitely! You wouldn't die of hunger or thirst but you will be feeling weak throughout your whole body," he answered.

"Oh, I see..."

"Your first job as a newcomer, Soul Hunter!"


"Soul Hunter is one of the many jobs for newbie, your job is to simply capture the souls that have just left the body, in other words, when the person had die, and bring them back to hell. Since we already had captured our 1000th soul today, you, you can go back now," he replied. "Here's your house's key, and your house address," he said, threw me a key and a piece of paper with words scribbled on it, and prepared to leave.

"Erm... How did I die?" I asked.

"Heart attack," he replied and vanished into thin air.

"Heart attack?" I questioned myself. I thought for a while and suddenly a childhood memory came dashing back towards my mind. It was something about a doctor telling me that I was born with heart problems but it was a mild case, and was reminding me that I should never ever touch things that would trigger a heart attack, for example, smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcoholic drinks... And I took about 10 bottles of beer back at the pub, which explained my death. Surprisingly, I wasn't sad or even regretting that it took place. In fact, I was pretty calm throughout the whole incident. "Why bother about things when you can't turn back the time?" and with that thought, I headed towards an unknown destination but first, I had got to find that anonymous new house of mine.

I headed towards a room that emits off a ray of light. As I burst into light again, I noticed a counter with a big sign on it saying "Information Counter". Curious, I took a closer look at it and found a touch screen computer. "Amazing!" I gasped. By some luck and some pressing of any buttons that I thought was right, I found a way to reach my new home. All I had to do is enter a lift, which was located at a far corner near my right and just keyed in the address that was written on the paper Hades gave me.

"Ah! The 21st century hell! How amazing!" I exclaimed and entered the lift, keying in the address carefully. The next moment, I appeared in front of a door with the words "Welcome 1000th newcomer!" imprinted on it. "What a "nice" way to greet me. I have a name. I'm called Grenlet. G-R-E-N-L-E-T!" I muttered sarcastically. The words on the door immediately changed into "Welcome Grenlet!" I stared at it in amazement as I pushed the key into the keyhole, unlocked the door, and stepped into a whole new environment, called my home.


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