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Engaged To A Jerk

Novel By: Diary Of A Musical

Fray was a not a really popular girl at school, but at least she was pretty and interesting enough for Cameron Reil to ask her out for a date at Avery's birthday. A date with Cam, was like every girl's dream as she followed herself into Cam's world. Then later on in their date, Fray meet Freddy: an arrogance, rich, guy who turn out to be someone she wouldn't want to have as a brother-in-law someday. Then when Fray got a text message from her mother, she found all of her dream with Cam would never come true. She was engaged since birth to the guy she hate, and if she didn't work fast, Cam would be her brother-in-law someday. Watch out people! There's a new fake couple in town! View table of contents...


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"You look pretty, tonight", someone said behind me as he reached his hands and put it around my waist. I smiled knowing that he was here, finally. "Want to dance, Miss Fray?"

Of course I said yes. Cam was here, and I felt myself breathless to see him wearing a tuxedo for the first time ever in my life. His face was beaming, and he had gel his dark black hair neatly up. Avery must have prepared my favorite song while I was gone to make-up myself. She knew I love Taylor Swift's "Love Story". I pulled him to the dance floor and we were swinging like Romeo and Juliet's first dancing class. He was a good dancer than I was as we swing each other and enjoyed the dance. I groaned after a minute of silence as the song change from a country song to "We R Who We R" by Kesha. Of course I know how to dance hip-hop but not in front of my new boyfriend! He would probably think that I was insane but it was Avery's party and she was dancing with her guy next to me.

"Common, dance, Fray. Don't be shy", she added grabbing my hands and we were dancing.

"I'll sit this one out", Cam told me softly reading my expression. "Drinks, Fray?"

"Yes, please", I told him. Now I could show-off my style, and he was walking away laughing his head off and I felt myself enjoying the time without any embarrassing comments that my boyfriend might just say. That was until I heard another creepy voice that I never wanted to hear behind my back.

"So, this is Buttercup, huh?" the voice said evilly with snickers. I turn around to see an elder male staring down at me, grinning down at me with his perfect white teeth shining. He was hot for a guy, no almost like a professional male model according to his pose, and he was taller, dark blond haired and his body was just perfect and muscular. He was wearing a sleeved dark-blue shirt and he could just style the jeans with his pretty features. Was my luck again? The hottest guy at school just asked me out tonight, and now the hottest guy at the party was talking to me. Who was he anyway?

That I noticed Dexter behind him laughing along. I was glaring now, at both of them no matter how the other unknown-male was hot, but it was Dexter who I wanted to slap. I knew he had to try and repay me somehow for ditching food on his head today.

"Hm...she is quiet scary, not so pretty but ordinary for a girl, and she definitely look like a good slap-per to me. Vintage dress clothing…man, Cam has bad taste in girls", the male continued putting his hand on his chin. He looked young, but according to his arrogance act he should be somewhere about nineteen or twenty. He turned to Dexter. "She creamed you?"

"Why don't you just tell me what you want and leave?" I asked before Dexter said anything.

"Whoa, you don't know whom you're talking to, eh, Fray?" Dexter snarled. "She's such a fray cat".

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I really don't know who you are. Who are you? A jerk?" I asked the blonde male. He seemed surprised I didn't know him. Jerk, I thought. Definitely one of those guys who tried to attract girls by their famous looks and arrogance and money.

"So Buttercup didn't know who I am, but that's okay she will one day", he smirked. "Right, Buttercup?"

"My name is Fray, you sick idiot and no I never wanted to know what your name is".

"Jeesh, act like a real girl wil you? You're just like a boy. I'm going to call you whatevr I like, Buttercup. I'm surprise that Cam is dating someone like you. He could've dated someone rich, instead like my mom's friend's diva daughter". Cam? What was he to Cam?

"And who are you to him; excuse me, to decide our life?"

"I'm his groom-of-honor when it came to his marriage and is very caring when it comes to dating decision", the jerk smirked. I could hear music coming out of his pocket and he pulled out an expensive I-Phone and he read the text messages. "Darn, it. Mom wants to see me right now. Where is Cam, Buttercup?"

"And who are you to demand me?" I snapped. "Earn some respect for me. Be a gentleman to the ladies at least".

He laughed uncontrollably like he had never such thing. "I wish I could be one, Buttercup, but someone just consider me a jerk and so I'm going to be a jerk. Where is Cam?"

"Mom, called yet, Freddy?" Cam asked coming over with three glasses of pear margarita and he handed a glass to me and blonde male. My eyes were widening in disbelief as I pointed at them slowly.

He had called Freddy's mom, Mom also.

"You're brothers!" I yelled. It was a big surprise and the jerk seemed to like my reaction. Cam frowned at me as if he had already expected me to know. He nodded his head slowly and my jaw dropped. I had just insulted Freddy and they turn out to be brothers! How could it be possible? One is blond with a jerk-attitude and one is so nice and kind? Argh! I felt as if I could scream aloud.

"What's wrong, Buttercup? Didn't expect us to be brothers?"

Yes! I didn't expect them to be related to each other! In fact I didn't want Freddy as my brother-in-law someday at all! Or any other days!

Cam put his hands on my ears and he was whispering some things inside. "Actually, we're not really biological brothers, Fray but he's a great brother to me. Just act nice for a few weeks and he's going to go. He came here to check on his fiancée".

Fiancée? That Freddy guy was already engaged. I was glad that they're not really related.

"Ooh…touchy, touchy, bro", Freddy said breaking us up by pulling his brother away from me with his hands. I watched Cam wink. We both found Freddy annoying. "Mom's going to kill me if I don't make it on time, Cam. Come on, let's go and meet that mysterious fiancée. Bye Buttercup".

"Bye, Cam", I smiled ignoring Freddy's farewell. I watch the guys disappeared into the silver Chrysler ME Four-Twelve. Cam looked really fussed-up with his arrogance brother and then my phone vibrated the moment they drove off. It was mom. She had texted me twenty times, three miss calls, and was demanding to know where I was and told me that I need to come home at once. I texted her back answering her questions and saying that I would be home soon. I called the taxi over when I found one and pay them the right amount of money.

I was on my way home while my boyfriend drove his annoying brother to meet the fiancée.

Whoever she was, I was sure that she deserves better guy than Freddy Riel.


I was finally back at home, prepared to be yelled at by my own mother. The taxi stopped in front of the yard and I got out slowly, almost bumping into a pretty, sleek, unknown Aston Martin Vanquish. It stopped directly in front of the walk-way and I frowned. Mom had guests? Was that the emergency?

I walked up and turn the twitched the doorknob. There was my mother, drinking lemon-honey tea with another pretty brown-hair woman. I stood there by the door.

"Oh, look, Freesia is here", my mom said using her too sweet voice. Yep, she's up to something bad with me or otherwise she wouldn't call me Freesia in front of the woman. My mom could do anything even if it meant selling me for money. What was she up to now calling me that hateful name? I had always hated my first name and that's exactly why I corrected people to call me 'Fray'. "Freesia, this is Charlotte, an old friend of mine at school. She's the bank-president's wife. She came here to ensure about the engagement between you and here son".

"Engagement?" I was shocked. "What engagement?"

"Why, you're engaged since birth, sweetheart. You're engage to her son", Mom crooned ruffling my hair. "Aw, you'll look dashing when he came to see you. He's such a kind guy and he's so handsome".


By "kind guy" my mom could possibly mean someone who brought money to hands for the engagement. It was either the guy was a good faker or something like that.

I didn't need to ask who it was. Coming out of the bathroom was a familiar face that I had just met. I gasped when I saw Freddy, changed into his tux and he had combed his hair already with a ring box inside his hands. Not him!

I covered my mouth so that I couldn't gasp. My eyes were wide open, unbelievable.

"Hey there, Buttercup", Freddy smirked and then he look at the mothers. "So, where's my fiancée, mom?"

"Freddy, I wanted you to meet my daughter", my mom said coming to my side and she place both hands on my shoulder lightly. "This is Freesia Nina Page, also known as Fray which she called herself. She's the one whom you're engaged with".

A/N: What do you think so far? Do you think that Freddy would propose to her or not? Catch the next chapter to find out!


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