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Destiny bound

Novel By: Herochan1313

Seven young girls from different worlds are chosen as protectors to the strongest being in the universe, only problem is he’s not quite up to snuff yet. Each girl already has a troubled life, and not exactly willing to train the so-called “hero” of the worlds, nor do they fully see eye to eye. View table of contents...


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Seven young girls from different worlds are chosen as protectors to the strongest being in the universe, only problem is he's not quite up to snuff yet. Each girl already has a

troubled life, and not exactly willing to train the so-called "hero" of the worlds, nor do they fully see eye to eye.

Chapter one: Destiny's call, better not be long distance.

I use to think destiny was something that was pre-determined by some higher being before we're born, but after that day my option changed. I suppose I should start this at the

beginning, or at least my beginning seeing as the other's side wasn't told to me yet. First I should introduce myself; I am Auzuel De Aquaria, I'm seventeen years old, and this all

started when I was caught sneaking out with no pants on. Trust me that isn't as weird as it seems, despite what anyone else might say. Anyway this started a few weeks ago

when I found myself awake at midnight as always. My room was far to stuff for me, so it wasn't unlikely that I couldn't sleep. Since sleep wasn't going to happen soon I sat up

and got ready to sneak out of my room to see the one person who liked me. You see….I am a princess of the undersea kingdom Solaris, a tribe of ancient vampire like people,

but since the day I was born I'd hated it. The rest of my family; being my dad, mom, and spoiled brat of a sister, acted like being royal meant they were gods. They treated the

citizens as if they were beneath them, but I was different. I treated them with kindness, and did something about their lives; I even learned how to use the royal spear of the sea

in combat. Needless to say that made me a little…. Questioned by my family, but there was at least one person I could talk to. As I got up and quickly got dressed, I caught a

glimpse of myself in my mirror; to be honest I was looking good. I was fairly tall at five foot seven, and my pale skin was shining a bit in the light. My mouth was slightly open,

showcasing my extended canine teeth, and my cinnamon colored eyes seemed to be tired. My light blues hair was a mess as always, and the so-called "alluring curves" that

people swear I have were good I guess. As I dressed myself in simple street clothes, I slowly tip-toed to the door and opened it preying the guards were on break. While there

was no one from my father's chess set there, I was met by something the second I opened my door. "Whoa! Down girl!" I cried as I was now face-to-snout with my pet Solaris

Seahorse, Dew, who was nearly the size of a real horse. Her scales were a rich violet and as always she was happy to see me, but when I tried to quiet her down she got upset

and somehow ripped the pants off of me (her teeth must be made of diamond!) and I had to chase her. I somehow made it down seven hallways before the royal guard finally

noticed the noise and caught me in the middle of a tug of war with no pants on. One of the men awkwardly coughed and told me with a red face.

"Uh…your highness? You have to return to your room…and put some pants on."

I stood there and felt the blush start to creep up but luckily Dew chose that moment to let go of my pants and listen to me for once, so I took it as a chance to jump on her and

ride away. After a perilous chase from the royal guard( or as I liked to call them the rent-a-cops) I found myself out of the palace and in the middle of the sea, my "home" being

several miles under the sea, and started to trek to the surface. Once there I stood on dry land and started to travel trough the citizen's town alone, seeing as Dew couldn't leave

the sea, until I made it to my destination: My grandmother's hut. Now of all my family members my grandmother was the only one who shared my view of life, and because of

that my old man had banished her to the surface. That was a bad idea on his part because grandma was a grand seer, hosting a lot of strange magical powers that had helped

the kingdom before I was even born. Once I stepped through the door I felt at ease as always, and my eyes wandered until I noticed my grandmother was sitting cross-legged in

front of me.

"Greetings my child, I foresaw you would come back tonight….though I expected you to be wearing pants." She told me as she stood up to hug me. She looked the

same as always: she was far taller than me at seven foot two despite her age, and due to the vampire within her she still looked to be thirty. Her skin was as smooth as mine,

and her long flowing hair reached her back and still was the same hue of dark blue. She wore her sprit robes that covered her body and had a few odd looking trinkets on her. I

hugged her back and explained about the pants, and after some idle chatting

( and putting on spare pants) I noticed something in the corner of the room: an orb. Now grandmother had a few crystal balls

lying about the small shack but this one seemed…different. For one it was pure black, and two it seemed to be calling me. Grandmother must have noticed me eyeing it

because she told me in a grim voice. " I wouldn't touch that my child, it was given to me today from the council of worlds to pick a certain warrior." This caught my attention, the

council was a group who oversaw the universe which was made up of hundreds upon hundreds of worlds. Solaris was only one of those worlds, and if I wasn't so worried

about the people here I'd have left for another world years ago. I would have listened to grandmother then and there, but the orb seemed to have different ideas because the

second I looked away it started to glow like mad. At once grandmother got up and began to look within the orb, but whatever she saw must have scared her because she started

to panic and look at me funny. I asked her what was wrong and she told me something that would soon change my life completely. "Child….you have been chosen to become

a protector to the strongest hero in the universe."

Wow that girl sur' can go on yapping fer a while huh? Oh sorry bout that folks, I should introduce myself, my name's Rebecca Hazelwind but most folks call me Haze. Sorry if

y'all was enjoying Zu-Zu's prattling but it's my turn to spin a yarn! Y'all will see her later, but fer now I'll tell ya about me! This all started fer me around the same time as Zu-Zu,

only I was in the middle of roping a cow. Now first off I should explain that my world is where myths of all kinds mossy about and get along like a rattlesnake in a bowl of beans. I

use ta be like them, a harpy who ripped and tore up folks somethin' fierce, that is until I met a certain cow poke who set my heart ablazin'. But he left in a hurry like his boots

were full a tacks and since then I've become the world's only cowgirl harpy. None of my friends liked it much when I started wearing ma hat and boots, or started my southern

slang, but I don't mind much. For the most part we all looked alike s I still had the same neon green hair, slim and curvy body, and arms that turned in 'ta wings and talons when

I wanted 'em to! A course I had ma hat and boots to work with, and worn the best cowgirl jeans under a shirt as always. But that's sides the point, that day I had been catching

lunch fer the girls when I first heard the rumors about the council o the worlds looking fer a warrior. At first I shrugged it off and started to cook up ma famous steak and potato

dinner when I ran in 'ta somethin'. Fer the most part my tribe an' I lived in a meadow like area with caves acting as our homes. They flew up high towards the caves and if it fitted

their like'n then they made house. A course I supped up mine with a few things like an oven, some ropes ta lasso with, and other things. So imagine ma surprise when I walk

in carrying a dead cow and see the chief 'o the tribe waiting fer me. "Howdy there Hefesta! Not offend I see ya in ma home looking like you want ta yap." Hefesta was picked ta

be our chief for many reasons, mainly cause she was the most deadly and beautiful of all us harpies. I can't lie and say I don't respect her, hell if she started ta wear a cowboy

hat too 'd downright worship her. She musta been there for more than gabbing cause next thing I knew she was sighing and said.

"Rebecca, I have news regarding you. The council of worlds is in search of members to protect someone of vital important and I chose you to offer, I mean, look towards." I

nearly lost my mind when she said that, and it only got worse when she told me that I got the job. I crushed her in a tight hug and as started ta pack I cried. "This calls fer a

celebration! Gather all the girls Hefesta; I'll whip us all up a feast!"

She tried to politely say that wasn't called for, but by that point I'd started to grill up my famous steaks and she drooled and replied. "On second though….I'm sure a little nibble

won't hurt." Much as I hate to admit it, she soon regretted her words, as she and the others got fatter then a potbellied pig in a dumpster. By the time all the food was gone; I had

packed up and said a teary farewell to the big tubbies that had once been ma friends, and flew on ta the portal that would take me ta my new digs.

It seems that organic beings can withhold their need for oxygen once they evolve into a "har-o-pea". Subject Haze seems to have told her story without pausing to refill her lungs.

Oh yes, greetings are in order I suppose, I am known as the Mechanical Automatic Resonance Instrument, or M.A.R.I as I have been called by the others. My story is far more

tragic than the two you have heard thus far, it has been in my memory banks since the day I was activated. I was created by a brilliant, yet horribly misunderstood, professor

known as Thornwood in the small world called Hollowmere. It was technologically advanced, yet in ways of customs it was much more backwards compared to most worlds.

My master had created me for one reason only: to help heal his dying son by sacrifice my own "life". I still remember the day I opened my eyes, laying atop a cold table and

"breathing" in the stale air of the room. Ignoring the old man beside me who was talking to himself, I activated the sensors within my eyes and studied my whereabouts. It was a

small, dimly lit room full of hi-tech machines much like me. I stared down at my hands for the first time I realized I wasn't alive, rather just a soulless piece of metal shaped like

a girl. Within my hands I could feel dozens of weapons; guns, knives, flamethrowers, and hundreds more. I will not lie, at first I panicked and felt a mess of emotions within my

heart. For you see, despite most of my body being made up of metal and wire, my heart was all too real (how the professor had managed this feat I do not comprehend.). It

shames me to admit I had almost activated my weapons systems right then and there, but at the moment his afore mentioned son entered the room. He may have been ill, but

the second I saw him all the emotions within me swelled down, and somehow my face became flushed. To explain, the young Thornwood was extremely handsome, standing

at five foot seven with long flowing hair, and deep hazel eyes. Once the professor had explained everything to me, I had no problems giving up all I had for his son, for I had

fallen in love with him. Alas that was not to be, for my robotic tendencies pushed him away. Needless to say due to that he ended up dying much quicker and I was deemed a

failure and tossed out. Alone and scared, I sought shelter at the only other place I could go: the grave sight of my beloved. For ten years I sat there, through rain and snow,

defending the gravestone of the old man I loved. After those years I was more robot than girl, until a strange old man appeared and offered me a job. I still recall the words he

said as though I heard them yester day, when it was really twenty-four hours ago

. "Hello my dear. Would you be willing to protect something near and dear to everyone's hearts?"


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