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Um, inpulse, I guess. I just really wanted to make a dude charecter named Lex View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 27, 2008    Reads: 399    Comments: 34    Likes: 14   

I buried my face in a pillow. The clock said 3:30, and I was not ready to get up. But I did anyway, changing out of my pajamas and into my short plad skirt and white tee. To clear things up, my names Phenix, like the bird of fire. Im 15, and my life is preaty crappy if you ask me. I live with my stepdad my stepsister, Jade. My mom remaried, then died in a car crash two weeks ago. My stepdad didint seem to care, because he only married her for the money. The one reson Im not in an orfanige is because Im used for cooking and cleaning, like that Cinderella girl from that movie.Exept he beats me. But evntualy the pain goes away. I thought my life couldent get any worse. Today, it did. "Get your ass down here, you rat!" My dad yelled from upstairs. I sleep in the basement. "Coming" I muttred. I ran up into the kitchen. Why was he up? He wakes up at,like, 6:15! Jade was giving me a sly smirk. The clock up here said 6:36! "Your supposed to be up by 4 and make breakfsast!" He yelled at me. I hung myhead. "I.... Im sorry. My clock was off." "Your clock was off, you say?!" He picked me up by my hair and threw me into the wall. I had no clue why he was acting like this. He seemed more angry then usual.... I had heard a sicking snap in my arm, and pain was already bitting at it..... I crumpled to the floor.

A hooded figure wached though the window. Man, did he want to just go in there and beat the living shit out of her father. He didint have a clue how she could be a gazer, though. She was very very thin, and was covered in bruses. But she was preaty. She had short blonde hair with a red highlight. About 5'6, he guessed. He felt tensiton in the air, and the presence of monsters. He would have to see what this "Pheonix" child could do.

Dad was looming over me. Run! Said a natuaral instinct. Get away! I didint hesitate. i jumped up and ran. "Get your ass back here!" He yelled. Too late. After I was about a mile away, I sat down. Where was I going to do? What was I going to do? Then a group of guys showed up, like they melted out of the shdows. I remebered them from school. "Hey, look. Its the twirp." One laughed. I rolled my eyes and started to walk off. Abother put his arm in front of me. Something was differnt. They seemed larger, harryer... What the hell? I thought "Too late, puny gazer. We have you now." "What? What the hells going on?" I wanted to take off, but it looked like they could outrun me anyday. "We found you, gazer. Now its time for you to die."


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