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Bathroom on the First Floor

Novel By: jellaroo

In my first attempt at writing a novel, teenager Juliet Rosewater attends Harper Adams Secondary College, and finds that she has to push herself through a tyranny of events that cascade upon her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 19, 2013    Reads: 59    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

My current concern would've been filed under the general topic of "being a teenager"; the sub-topic I was trying to deal with was "boys". For some reason that I didn't understand, I'd gone up to the table of three boys seated next to me and introduced myself. It was one of my first metal lessons of year nine at Harper Adams Secondary College, and, to put it plainly, I was bored out of my mind.

The boys stared at me in a way that clearly displayed the disbelief on their faces that a girl had actually come up and talked to them.

"Hi, my name's Juliet," I'd said, as cheerfully as I could muster. They'd just stared at me, until they finally summoned up the courage and introduced themselves. I made a mental note of their names: Tyler Chase, Will Johnson and Colin Grant.

During the rest of the lesson, we managed to keep up a slightly uneasy conversation. I kept stealing glances at them, unable to help myself - I didn't normally go up and make friends with strangers, much less a group of boys! They seemed pretty nice though, once you got past the awkwardness. Will made the biggest impression on me; he was of below average height, with hair of a fairly light brown, resembling a mop beneath his snapback. He was wearing skinny jeans that had been ruined at the bottom, as well as ruined, mismatched Converse. His brightly coloured t-shirt hung loosely off his wiry body, creating the image of him being smaller than he was.

I turned my gaze onto Colin, and compared the two boys: Colin had shorter hair than Will - it was much thinner, but a shade of brilliant orange that natural "red-heads" had. He was about the same height as Will, though less wiry - his build seemed to be much more stick-like, and barely shorter than Tyler. He was also wearing skinny jeans, with a simple dark blue t-shirt. His black Converse were worn-in, but not ruined, unlike Will.

Tyler was looking at something on his laptop screen, so I sneaked a glance at him: he was slightly taller than the other two boys, and his hair was a fair shade of light brown, quite similar to my own. Tyler's build was stockier, though not one that would be described as 'fat'. He too wore jeans, yet he wore a black-and-red checkered, short-sleeved shirt that suited him quite nicely. The most striking thing about his appearance were his eyes. While Colin had the standard hazely-brown that most of the population had, and Will's were a lovely blue, Tyler's were of a shade that was not quite blue; they were dark blue around the edge, light blue in the middle and blue-green in between. The sudden change in colour from light blue to black pupils made his eyes all the more strange and wonderful.

I found myself staring directly at him, and so quickly averted my gaze, not wanting to attract his attention. I then pretended to focus on what my teacher was saying, but kept stealing glances at all three of the boys.


After I left the metal room at the end of the fifty minute lesson, I went in search of my best friend and confidant, Ava Underhill. Naturally, I told her all about my encounter with the boys.

"Is Tyler that really attractive guy that Henrietta basically grew up with?" she asked me.

"I don't know, it might be."
"Introduce me when you're friends!" she urged.

That right there was the beginning of everything that would happen that term.


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