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Bathroom on the First Floor

Novel By: jellaroo

In my first attempt at writing a novel, teenager Juliet Rosewater attends Harper Adams Secondary College, and finds that she has to push herself through a tyranny of events that cascade upon her. View table of contents...


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Ava and I were sitting in English together, when my train of thought on advertisements was interrupted by a note that was pushed onto my workbook. I glanced at Ava, then opened the note to see what she had written:

Mission Pokémon: befriend Tyler/find out who he likes

Mission Daniel: befriend him/listen to his accent

Mission Ava: scout for potential boyfriends


I wrote a single word in reply, then slid the note over to her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smile as she read it. My attention then went back to the project we'd just been assigned. Reading over the handout that explained the project, I noticed that it was to be done in partners; Ava obviously noticed the same thing, because we both looked at each other with huge grins on our faces. Naturally, my best friend and I were going to partner up for this project. We got to work, setting out our ideas and constructing a plan for the best project ever.


The half-bell rang throughout the school, letting all of us know that lunchtime was halfway over. Ava scuttled off to the school library, with me trailing behind. She was tying her long, brown hair into a ponytail as she went, and pulling her jeans up as well. We entered the library, and surveyed the room for a good place to sit. To our left were the non-fiction aisles, filled with rows of textbooks and other informative books. To our right was a study area lined with rectangular tables that were the perfect length to either share with someone else, or completely spread your books out. Directly in front of us was the general reading area, where people sat on the little red couches and either read a book, or hung out with friends. Behind the couches was the fiction section of the library, set out into a U shape, showcasing the fiction collection. Ava and I chose to sit on the floor in one of the non-fiction aisles, which afforded us an unobstructed view of the library entrance. We busied ourselves with a chocolate recipe book, and waited.

Tyler walked in shortly after, carrying his maths textbook and workbook. He plonked them down onto one of the study tables, then pulled up a chair and began to work. Ava and I looked at one another, then walked over to the middle of the library and sat down onto a plush couch. Ava pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, scribbled something down and passed them both to me. I quickly read the note she'd written.

He likes you! I think… Go talk to him!

I looked up at her, but she was pretending to look at a magazine.

So what? Two periods of sitting with him in Metal and talking to him wasn't enough? We just had a double lesson! It'd be weird, uncomfortable and awkward. Besides, you can't know that he likes me. You guys aren't proper friends yet…

I passed the paper and pen back to her, and awaited her response.

No, it wasn't enough. Go talk to him! Ask him if he likes anyone. If I can't have him, you'll have him.

As I read her reply, my mind connected the dots and I realised what she meant.

I don't want him! He's cute, but I like Daniel.

Her frustration with me was evident as she read the note.

I don't care, I'm bored. Just ask him.

I groaned as I read it, but decided it would just be easier to give in. I scribbled a response and gave the pen back.

Fine, I'll do it. I'm interested in his answer anyway…and his reaction.

I stood up and walked over to Tyler's table, and said 'hi'. He looked up at me, and I'd obviously broken his concentration on the question he'd been trying to do.

"Hi", he replied, a little uncertain. I smiled at him, trying to hide my anxiety.

"What are you doing? Maths?"

"Yeah", he stated, his uncertainty showing through more clearly.

"So, I wanted to ask you a question," I began, choosing my words carefully. "Who do you like?" I braced myself for his response, expecting this to hinder our friendship and make our next Metal lesson incredibly awkward. He simply blushed and said 'no one', then went back to his maths. I let him be, and walked back to Ava.


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