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Once upon a time....Reality happened

Novel By: kidarox123

Lizzie and Abbie have been friends for the longest time, both of them crushing on hearthrob Cameron Cruz. Well, that is until Abbie meets Jason Call. The two girls then set out into their laughable pursuit of love. With a Klutzy Brunette and a Blonde with attitude almost anything can happen!

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Submitted:Jun 27, 2008    Reads: 436    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

Chapter 1:

Abbie: Love Crisis

July 25, 2004

Lizzie was a one of a kind girl; she smiled so bright it could replace the sun and enough to demolish the night. She has natural long dark hair and big brown eyes above her tiny nose. Everyone knew her and those who didn't wished they did. All the boys drooled over her like teething babies.

That's how we met.

It was about four years ago, and I was sitting in the third row to the left with my family on a normal Sunday morning. I was staring up at Cameron like the Greek god he is when all of a sudden his attention was captured by a tall, prissy brunette that just happened to go by the name Lizzie. That must be what they called that species. I tried to get his attention;

I flipped my blonde hair…nothing.

I coughed loudly…nothing.

I stood up and fixed my skirt…. and still NOTHING!

I pouted for the rest of the day; apparently Cameron had other matters to worry about…brunette matters.

That was when I entered what I would later call "My dark and evil days." Every Sunday following; was slow, silent, and painful torture. No other girl had ever gone for Cameron; there was a silent truce between all of the girls in the ward that solemnly stated that Cameron was mine.

Even if he didn't know it.

Somewhere between my endless plotting and failed attempts at gaining the throne once more, I gave up and turned to the lord. The phrase "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer," came to mind. So the following night at our church activity I went over and talked to her.

"Hey" I said standing by Lizzie but pretending to be looking at something far ahead of us.

"Hey, Cutie!" The nerve! Her calling me cutie!

I fought the urge to smack her, "Well, I've seen you eyeing Cameron, he's quite the catch isn't he?"

"Yeah, he looks like a nice guy." She looked around nervously as she spoke. That was probably caused by the last stunt I'd tried to pull…we'll not go into that now.

"Well, yeah everyone knows that we are pretty much going out."

"Oh really? That is so cool!"

Ciara Merril then decided to butt in, "You're not supposed to date until your 16," she said in a shrewd high pitched voice that made my spine curl.

Ciara Merril was one those girls. She was the goody-goody type that loved to make references to "The Path to Forgiveness," whenever someone did so much as spill a glass of milk! Her favorite scripture was "come unto the lamb", well one thing was for sure, I wasn't coming anywhere near her. She had a voice that no matter what she said made it sound like nagging.

The night ended in catastrophe when Lizzie congratulated him on our relationship, in which he inquired on what the heck she was talking about. She told him my story. He looked at me with an expression that was somewhere between freaked out and just plain disgusted. I asked Lizzie what she was talking about, before shooting my 100 dollar smile and walked way, leaving Lizzie more baffled than ever.

Lying about being Cameron's girlfriend- bad idea.

Seeing that look on Lizzie's face- priceless.

Ending with that thought, my evil days came to a pleasing close.

(Abbie is the blonde, Lizzie is the brunette) (Ciara Merril is below)



altCiara Merril


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