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Kissing Mr Wrongs until you bump into Mr Right

Novel By: Noodles1983

Tags: Love, Romance, Sex

A true story into all the Mr Wrongs that i have met! But i have met Mr Right its just a matter of time! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 19, 2012    Reads: 57    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

So like most females out there i am still in search of Mr right! who is this Mr right when will i meet him?, Most of a women expectations of this Mr Right come from Jane Austin books or mine come from films good old soppy rom coms!. So now i am going to take you back to my first Mr Wrong

It was back when i was 17 years old and i got a job at a sports centre, My job was a receptionist i loved it watching all the fit men coming in to use the gym! and the smell of radox shower gel that filled the air from the showers below, this to me was a dream job, it became even more of a dream when i met Ian one of the managers he was beautiful tall dark hair well little hair he shaved it off cause he was loosing it! "So your the new girl" he said when coming around the back of the reception desk, he put his hand on my shoulder and it felt like a thousand volts had gone thru me, instead of sounding mature i giggled like a bloody 12 year old watching kids cartoons! good job he found it funny or was it a sympathy laugh? I will never know!.

My heart had well and truly melted from this one moment and i was eager for more, It was 3PM my shift was over i looked at the rota and i saw Ian was finishing too, Yes this may look like stalker mode but it was my plan, actually there was no plan i didnt know what i wanted well i did, Then Ian came bouncing round the corner "Hey Anna, you fancy coming to the pub for a quick drink?", ok yes i am 17 at this point i was like four days away from my 18th, "Yes" oh dear that was a yes way over the top, Ian smiled at me, "Ok, nice one well i will meet ya out on the front in 15 mins", That was my cue then to run to the downstairs toilet and slap that make up on and empty half a bottle of 1881 on.

So i meet Ian out on the front in his little red sports car, I couldnt take my eyes off him i was 17 and naive and very much in love,so i thought he played music loud in his car it was dance music i could feel the vibrations going thru me,and it felt so good i was trapped in a blissful moment, We pulled up at a small country pub it was beautiful it was a hot sunny day the beer garden was packed out, People was looking at us as we walked in,

"what can i get ya babe" Ian asked me, Fucking hell he called me babe, I was trying hard to remember what i read in a magazine on how to flirt, something about looking down and up slowly fluttering your lashes, You can probably picture me standing looking like a utter dick head, "just a coke please Ian", he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face,"Dont you want anything more harder"? he asked the temptation to reply you,but i did'nt want to come across as a slut, Then i fessed up like a complete tool "Im only 17" I did not want to even look at his face because when he replied "oh" i could only sense disappointment,

We sat down inside and found a nice quite spot ian sat close to me and all i could smell was his aftershave it was like a drug to me,"so when are you 18?"he asked me, "4 days" i think i answered far to quickly, "Really cause in 6 days im 28" he replied, My eyes nearly popped out of my head this was a unreal moment, my second stalker moment then happend "so will you be doing anything with your girlfriend"? you can't blame a girl for trying

Four long days later it was my big day and guess what i worked it! i was on a early shit shift a 7AM start i had a sneeky look at the rota and my heart sunk Ian had swapped his day off, I sat behind the desk counting the hours until my first legal drink, however i havent informed you to my delight Ian was single! then all of a sudden Ian bursts thru the front door singing Happy birthday, well the smile on my face was massive, he had a card for me then he jumped over reception and kissed my cheek, That evening i spent hours getting ready i curled my long blonde hair and once again slapped the make up on,and the final piece the dress it was my black shag me now dress,everybody as one! and i had borrowed my best friend Dawnys red high heels, they were far to high for me to be far and i spent half the night holding them in my hands!So the night started off really well me and a few other girls bought a bottle of moet got to splash out sometimes, we talked the usual girl shit for ages then others joined, i was starting to feel a bit tipsy and well horny,I blame the bubbles from the moet, I headed to the toilet to bronze and look at my phone, glad i did 4 missed calls from Ian and two texts informing me that he will meet me at Harrys Bar, inside my body was doing cartwheels, i left the toilet grabbed my mate by her hand and shouted "dance floor"! I felt like i had been dancing for hours trying to do all that sexy dancing that girls on the pull do, Then my heart stopped as two hands gripped me, i turned to face Ian, he looked stunning a dark shirt and pants he was flipping sexy, My inner goddess was telling me to pounce while the good voice was telling me to behave, he held his hand out and i took it he took me to the bar for shots, i was well on my way to being pissed but i was trying hard to pretend i was sober, the music was loud Ian didnt take his hand off my arse he came in closer to talk to me again i found myself trapped in his beautiful smell, then there was three shots in front of me, i took the lot now i was feeling confident and ready to take on Ian, we stood in a corner flirting all those magazines i had read had come in useful apart from the eye fluttering! we were just talking utter shit to one another i wanted him so badly to make a move, I am quite a traditional when it comes to that, then Ian took my drink from my hand and before i knew it we was full on kissing in front of everyone, I could hear my girl mates laughing, It felt amazing i was just taking in the moment, then i pulled away to look at ian who now had my lip gloss on his face, I laughed then he pulled me in for round two result!

After 20 minutes of snogging and fondling Ian took me by the hand once again this time it wasnt to the bar it was the toilets, not classy but when your in the moment you dont give a shit, We locked ourselves in the toilets we was quite as some lads came in but i couldnt wait, That inner goddess wanted to play she had been waiting for ages for this one moment and while she could grab it with both hands there was nothing stopping her, Ian pushed me against the wall he was so strong an once again that feeling of thousands of electric volts running thru me, We kissed and before i knew it i was there on my knees, I had just turned 18 and this was a whole new act to me to be fair, I can only go from the noise he made and him gripping my hair tight that i was doing well

Mine and Ians little love affair lasted a whole month and a half well could'nt call it love more like shag buddies he had got a new job somewhere in Wales,We text a few times exchanged a few naughty phone calls but he wasnt ment to be, So he was the first of many Mr Wrongs!!

Well i hope you enjoyed my first encounter of my search for Mr Right...TBC


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