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Something Like a Sequel

Novel By: PoeticMe143

The world's most insane family is back with more funny situations to go through. Ready for the sequel!?! View table of contents...


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Chapter 14


Jin, Jimon, and Ren are coming back from the store. Jimon is driving, Jin is in the passenger seat, and Ren is sitting in the back seat. Jimon notices that the car is on E. "We need to stop for some gas." Jimon says. Jimon pulls up into the first gas station he sees. He reaches into his pocket for some money but doesn't find any. Damn, did I spend it all at the store? I knew I should have brought more. Jimon thinks. "Do yall have some money?" Jimon asks.

"You didn't bring gas money?" Jin asks.

"I didn't know I'd have to stop for gas." Jimon replies.

"Nope, I aint got no money." Jin says.

"What about you Ren?" Jimon asks.

"I got some change." Ren replies.

"Oh, hell naw, I aint about to go pay in some damn change." Jimon says.

"Then you're sh!t out of luck." Ren replies.

"I'd rather be sh!t out of luck then have to pay in change." Jimon says.

"Dad, you better go pay in that change, because I aint about to get stuck in the middle of the street because we ran out of gas." Jin says.

"Then how about you go pay for the gas with the change." Jimon replies.

"The hell I look like paying in some damn change." Jin says.

"Exactly." Jimon replies.

"Ren you go pay for the gas, it's your change." Jin says.

"I aint paying for sh!t." Ren replies.

"Well, no one wants to pay using change, so how are we gonna get gas?" Jimon asks.

"You or Ren are gonna take your ass in that store and pay for the gas." Jin replies.

"How about you take your ass in there." Ren says.

"Like I said I don't pay in change saggy." Jin replies.

"How about we play rock, paper, scissors, and who ever loses has to pay." Jimon says.

"How in the hell are three people supposed to play that?" Ren asks.

"Dad, you say some dumb sh!t sometimes." Jin says.

"Both of yall shut the fu*k up." Jimon says.

"You shut the fu*k up." Jin replies.

"Aye, don't tell your dad to shut the fu*k up." Ren says to Jin.

"You shut the fu*k up too Ren." Jin replies.

"Don't make me get the switch again." Ren says.

"Get it, I bet I still talk sh!t to you." Jin replies.

"Both of yall shut the fu*k up arguing and sh!t!" Jimon yells. Jin and Ren look at Jimon. Jimon quickly glances at both of them.

"The fu*k yall looking at, because yall staring like yall are about to do some sh!t." Jimon says.

"Don't get your ass beat." Ren replies.

"Shut up, shut up because you aint about that life." Jimon says to Ren

"Oh, sh!t you aint about that life." Jin adds.

"Shut up Jin and stay out of this." Ren replies.

"How about one of yall just go pay for the damn gas!" Jimon yells.

"How about you do it!" Jin yells back.

"How about we just try Jimon's retarded idea and play rock, paper, scissors." Ren says.

"Fine." Jin says. They all place one of their hands on the other.

"Okay, rock, paper, scissors." Jimon says. Jimon chose paper, but Jin and Ren chose scissors.

"Ha, looks like you'll be paying in change." Jin says. Him and Ren laugh.

"This is some straight up bullsh!t." Jimon says as he gets out of the car.


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