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Novel By: Roxadow

This story is just a random one that I started a long time ago. But it's funny as hell! And yes Mephiles is Roxanne's biological father, but it's like how Black Doom is Shadow's father.
I also want to explain how some of the characters in this story look.
Roxanne- Black hedgehog with markings simular to Shadow's but instead of having those thingies on her eyes, she has red tipped ears. Her right ear has 2 gold hoop earrings. She's a supersonic psychokinetic that happens to be Silver's grandma! Don't ask how the hell Sipver is white when she's black. She usually wears a lot of red, black, and gray. (She represents me!)
Zenalie- Dark pinkish-red echidna with black dreds and thick bangs with violet eyes and she has the spikes on her fists like Knuckles but she has fingers. She usually wears a lot of black (she represents my cousin).
Reggie- White bat with blue eyes. Resembles an emo G.I.Joe! Wears camo pants and a black shirt. Reggie is flightless but generates electricity, he is kinda dorky and is friends with Sonic and Tails. (He represents an ass... JSYK that means nobody.)
I would also like to say that Mephiles has been excised! He is no longer a demon! So he's kinda just hanging out with everybody!
There also will be more new characters in the future but those are the newest for now...
I only own Roxanne, Reggie, and Zenalie!
SEGA owns the rest! View table of contents...


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(A few minutes later) Silver found Shadow and pushed him up against the wall, "We need to talk." Shadow punched him, "GAY RAPIST!" "Ow! I'm not gonna rape you! I wanna help you!" "With what?" "Look, I know about you and Roxanne-" Shadow put a gun to his head, "Who told you?!" "I heard you guys fighting earlier!" "Oh..." "Can you take your gun off my head?" Shadow did as he was told, "So how are you suppose to help me, exactly?" "By helping you understand Roxanne!" "What's to understand? She's weird and hates me." "I mean understand what she wants from you!" "Oh..." "Yeah! I know whatcha did, so you're gonna need some major help! Follow me, heartbreaking shit head!" "I still have a gun." "And I'm shutting up so I don't get shot!" When they got upstairs, Silver looked threw Shadow's cloths, "Ok first we need to get you some pants that fit! Like the ones you wear on Christmas!" Shadow crossed his arms, "Why?" "Because Reggie and Mephiles always complain about you never pulling your pants up." "Why would I care about what Reggie and Mephiles think?" "Because you need there approval." "Oh! Good thinking!"


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