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Kim's Journal

Novel By: secretagentcami

A diary from an awkward 15 year old girl that goes through some crazy struggles in highschool and meets some awkward new friends. View table of contents...


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August,25,2012 Dear Diary, Today had to be the best day of my life. The day where I made the smartest decision that took me months and months to make. The day I broke up with Oscar. alt Now If you don't know Oscar WAS my boyfriend. We had been dating for eight months and we were probably the most adored couple you could ever meet, causing our break up to delay for months LITERALLY. altWe simply hated each other because of our differences and lack of things in common we had. We were too opposite of each other. Like the saying opposites do attract ,but once you get to know each other for a while, this turns into a big problem. And that major problem was for us because we we're alwaysfighting over things. And the thing we most foughtabout was Gabby.alt Gabby was a girl that Oscar used todate. She also was one of my closet friends. Ireally liked Oscar in the beginning and I liked himmore then Gabby ever did. When they broke up Iwas happy to hear about it and happy to knowthat Gabby didn't mind if I still liked Oscar. Oscar and I were friends, we werereal close to each other and soon we went on adate and after came home in a relationship. Thingswere nice in the beginning until the day Oscar asked me if I felt comfortable if he was a friend with Gabby still. Trying to be anice I told him I was comfortable with it though I was suspicious. Why out of the blue would he want to be friends with his exagain? That's when I discovered his feelings for her were still infinite and problems formed out of the jealousy and hatred I grew. The summer heat was slick and the afternoon was quiet. I could hear the buzzing of all the fan's in Oscar'shouse as I looked up at his tall figure. I starred for a while looking at all the detail on his face. The way his face was nicelyshaped, his black spiky hair was shiny, his eyes were a nice dark color of brown, and his skin was dark and smooth. It was ashame that I was planning on leaving someone as beautiful as him but I cared for personality more then I cared for looks. Istarred at the floor waiting for the right moment to say what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to break up with him. ButI just couldn't find the time. Every chance I had, I wasted out of fear. What was I doing spending my last week of summer with this guy? He was an asshole for sure and today was our firsteight month anniversary and he didn't even remember. That's why I was so determined to leave him today. It angered me knowingthat he hadn't even thought that today was special. I loved him but I couldn't stand him. Especially when he did things likethis. I looked at him more as he locked eyes to the T.V. screen fidgeting with the game controller. I got real bored waiting forthe right moment and just decided to give up on this decision for the hundredth time. I leaned my head onto his shoulder to restit but he moved his shoulder up, making it uncomfortable for me to rest my head on. "Stop it, you're going to make me mess up," he snapped at me. I turned away towards him and curled up in a ball wanting to cry. I hated this guy so much. Why couldn't I break up with him? What was holding me back? If I weren't going to break up with him today I at least expected him to do something romantic, NOT play video games. "What are you doing now?", he growled at me ,"Are you angry at me…AGAIN?" He then paused his game and put the controller on the table as I watched. He crawled towards me and then started to kiss myneck. Now this is more like it I thought. It felt nice when he did this, it always turned me on. The feeling was smoothing andexciting at the same time I was enjoying it till he stopped to grope his hands onto my chest. Of course. Now he's going to dosomething sexual.. I slid out of his arms and quickly ran to the bathroom door as I heard him call out my name asking where I was going. "Sorry! I got to pee!" I shouted back. Sorry? Sorry?! Again I was being too nice to him. This pervert literally groped me and I end up saying sorry? This is why Ispent most nights hating myself wanting to die cause of his sexual acts. I spent most of my time in the bathroom whenever I hung out with Oscar. Crying. Bathrooms were nice since you got tohave your own private room without anybody disturbing you. I looked at myself in the mirror and tears ran down. I was so sick ofthis relationship that I could just throw up. I probably stayed in there for about five minutes then I heard a familiar voice. Islightly opened the door to peek out at Oscar. He was on the phone with Gabby and this seemed like it was the last straw for me. I quickly got out and tip-toed towards my eyes, grabbed my bag and climbed through the back window to escape. I walkedto the front yard to grab my bike and started towards the road. "This is such a nice escape" I thought smiling as more tears ran down my face. I was happy to leave that monster. Riding my bike was something I enjoyed doing because I lived in the suburbs where everything was just trees and whiteneighbors. So everywhere was full of nature and friendly folks. I biked through the Green Tree trail and made a turn towardstown center where I stopped as my phone rang. It was Oscar. He finally realized after 30 minutes later that I was gone. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" the phone yelled ," WHY DID YOU LEAVE?!" "I…" I became afraid to reply back. I was often bad at responding to anger. I was quite angry myself too though. "WHAT? WHY DID YOU LEAVE?! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO PLAY THIS STUPID GAME WITH ME AGAIN? YOU'RE SO STUPID", he yelled even louder. Loud enough to make Mr.Wigens, an old man who hung out at towncenter often, to hear.I turned towards Mr.Wigens as Oscar went on and on raging. Mr.Wigens knew I was upset. We talked often. He knew I had a problematic boyfriend. He walked towards me and put his hand on my shoulder gave me a wink and said "Don't bewith those who make you unhappy" as he then walked off. And this was true. Mr.Wigens was right. I wasn't happy with Oscar. I never was. That's why I ran away today right?I decide and this was going to be the moment. I was going to tell him. I interrupted his arguing. "It's over Oscar," I said. "What?" " I said its Over" There was a moment of silence then Oscar took in a deep breath. I thought he was going to say something along the lines of:altBut he just ended up raging again about how I'm sooooooo mean and a wuss for trying to break up on the phone. "Bitch please you're just going to come back to me tomorrow and end up begging for my forgiveness," he said with a mocking voice. "You're an asshole. Fuck you" I calmly said as I hung up on him. And now I am free.


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