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Rafael Ventura is a high school student from East of Eden University. He belongs to an average-class family, unlike his other classmates, who owns almost all material make up including wealth and properties. He grew up together with his parents unlike his other classmates, who used to grow up without a father or mother or both. When Rafael entered that University, many of his classmates learned a lot of new different things from him and became an inspiration to everyone. Also, in that University, he had a crush to an impassive lady, Hilary Gomez, who later learned to love and feel emotions because of him.
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You can never hold back the time. You can never take it back, nor even control it. You can't say this: "I will return my time to correct my mistakes!" For you not to regret at the end, take the opportunities. Enjoy life while you're young. So that when the time come you got old, you will still enjoy your life. Maybe not with the time, but with precious memories.

January 2, 2080, grandpa was searching for his senior citizen clearance in his closet. He was turning 75 on this coming October, but still, he possesses a very sharp memory. But I don't think if he's still sharp unlike before.

"Oh my, oh my, where is that clearance?!", grandpa continued yelling and yelling until,

"Aha! There you are!", he shouted loudly. I was so aghast because of his loud voice. You know, people entering their old ages, like my grandpa is becoming deaf, maybe that's why he has that loud voice. Louder than before.

"Hey grandpa, what's that? I thought you're looking for your senior citizenship clearance but.."

"Ohoho!", I'm not yet done talking, and a loud laugh from an old-aged man, I mean my grandpa.. A loud laugh was coming from him.Oh I guess he found something new. But I don't think what he found is not new. Obviously, it's very ancient. It's an old book, or should I say, a notebook? I stast wondering what is inside the notebook but when grandpa started reading it, a tears of happiness burst into his eyes.

"It's my teenage diary", he said.

I did'nt say anything at all after his short reply. I just stare at him, looking at his half lonely-happy eyes. The title of the notebook is "Dear Diary."


(June 1, 2020)

4:30 AM, it was a quiet and peaceful time to sleep. I"m comfortably sleeping, and I'm dreaming, about someone..someone's holding my hand while walking on the street. I don't know who's that, but, I'm pretty sure it's a beautiful girl. Oh my, oh my, my heart is beating faster. But wait! There's a noisy sound coming from a fire alarm!

"Raffy! Common son! Wake up! Today's your first day of school, is'nt it?! Common! Move!"


Okay, okay, I knew it, it's not the alarm clock, nor even a fire alarm, it's the loud voice of my motor-mouth mother.

"Wake up! Wake up!" , my mother repeated as she pulls me from my bed. Oh, by the way, she's my mom, as I have said a while ago. She is such a talkative woman at all. But she's very kind to me and to my father as well. Her name is Katherina Ventura. You wont believe she's already 38 years old. She looks younger than that of her real age.You might think that she's only 20. I'm not lying. I'm just telling the truth.

I went down the kitchen to take breakfast together with my mom and dad. And there they are! Sweet as usual. I don't know how my dad fell in love with a woman just like my mom. I'm just wondering.

"Quick! Quick! You might get late in your school my son! Move faster! Go!

"But mom, it's only 4:30 AM! Look mom, it's too, early, I...I.."

"You what?! Just shut up and take your breakfast, OK? Do not come late especially during the first day of school. You're just a transferee in that exclusive school, so make friends! Don't be shy to your classmates huh? It doesnt matter if their life standard is too, high. Don't think that they are rich and we are just an average-class family. Relax and be friendly, OK?"

"Oh fine, oh fine..." As usual, I can't help myself whenever me and my mom are arguing. But of course, being her son, I should listen to her advice and follow it.

"Raffy-boy, after taking your breakfast, take a bath quickly, I'll take shower after you finished.."

"OK dad.."

By the way, he's my dad. His name is Enrique Ventura. They said we are very identical because we share almost the same physical appearance when he was at my age. Can you imagine how my dad looks like? Of course he's handsome! Just like me! Kidding.

After an hour, me and my dad are ready to go to school. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my daddy noticed it. He tapped my shoulder twice and smiled at me. Well, I got what he means. I feel so relieved by that simple expression of my father's support.

"OK son, see you later, take care!"

"Raffy-boy, wait for me until 7 o'clock at the waiting shed, I'll just take your mom to her office. Use your bicycle in going to EEU. See yah!"

"OK!. Bye mom! See you later dad!"

Mom and dad rode in our car together, while I just use my bicycle in going to school. Dad just take mom at her office where she is an accounting clerk, and my dad is a professor in the exclusive university where I'm about to attend today.

Here I go, biking and biking until I reached my destination.

My name is Rafael S. Ventura (Rafael Santos Ventura). I'm the only child of my mom and dad. I'm only 13, turning 14 this year. I finished my Elementary in a public school. And my dad pushed me to transfer in EEU (East of Eden University) where he is currently teaching. It is because of the scholarship offered by Manuel Manalo Scholarship. I'm one of those lucky student who got an opportunity to enter in that University by the means of that scholarship. I can't refuse to my father's pardon to transfer there. IMy dad wants me to transfer there so that he can guide me. Well, being an scholar is an opportunity. t's an opportunity! A big opprtunity! I have to grab it. Whoo. Thanks God.

I have a simple life. Yes, my parents made me grow that way-being simple and not complex. And I love it! My only dream is to have a simple, fulfilling life with my family. And of course, to have my own family someday.

Oh my, oh my, I'm getting nearer and nearer to my destination. Good luck to me. I hope .. this will be a wonderful day for me.

I'll wat for my father until 7 AM. It's too, early, it's only 6:30AM..Oh my, oh my.. Oh my Gosh.. I'm quite nervous..


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