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psh.......you know you want me

Novel By: yumtime55

ok here's the truth, i suck at summaries so pls i'm begging you read this its gonna make you laugh...........

Even the most powerful werewolf in the world still has her teenage dramas. with finding out her mate is the biggest player and jerk in the whole school and also dealing with jealous sluts and bitches, Mel tries to finish highschoolwith no trouble except for the usual craziness and pranks from her, she wants nothing more. What do you think is gonna happen? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 30, 2011    Reads: 116    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

Oh. My. Gosh I'm so happy to be meeting my best friend of 6 years in person- Sasha's being my best friend since I was 11 years old. We met through a chat room and then we helped and trusted each other from then on. We also know every secret of each other and we send pictures to each other. I was excited to see her that I'm sure I made the guy that was sitting next to me deaf because I just couldn't stop talking…...

5 hours later………..

'Sasha' I yelled her name as soon as I saw her.

'Oh my gosh Mel I'm so happy you're here' she gushed while grabbing my bag and pulling me outside then leading me to a red Ferrari 458 Italia (wow although it was no match for my black 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo which was at home and was gonna be sent over here for me).

'Awesome car ash' I said being truthful

'Yer right I wish I had your car because its way better' she said looking at me with wide eyes. Gosh she's such a cutie.

'So where are we going now?' I asked

'To the pack house' she said grinning. Oh shit did I forget to tell you guys that I'm a werewolf??? I'm so sorry if I did. Sasha is also a werewolf and she belongs to the Redmoon pack which I'm gonna be joining since I'm going to start living here. I've never being in a pack except if you count me and my late parents a pack.

'SASHA' I screamed her name when we were on the highway that led to the pack house and I guess I scared her cause she jumped in fright and the car swerved

'Oh my god what's wrong Mel?' she asked looking really scared

'How old is the alpha of the pack?' I asked wondering

'Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you? You just almost make us have an accident just to ask me how old the alpha is???' she yelled at me

'Oh sorry...how old is he?' I asked really wanting to know. Ash just sighed and continued driving

'He's hundred and ten but his retiring once his son Dylan finds his mate'. She said while concentrating on the road and by now I realized that we are in a part where trees are everywhere.

'Oh shit I forgot to ask, how is Xavier doing?' I asked winking at her because Xavier was her mate- I'm sure you'll be wondering what a mate is like buffoons. Well let me just tell you before you die of not knowing. A mate is also known as a soul mate that werewolves have to be complete. Without our mates we're not complete, so, we need our mate to complete us. We also always get this tingly feeling whenever we touch our mates and we don't look at others the same way. Like lets say I saw this really hot guy at the beach, but, then I find my mate that day so the next day when I go to the beach that guy won't look as hot to me anymore. Do you even understand what I just explained because I have no absolute idea what I just said and its confusing me. Also as for me, I'm totally mate less at the moment.

'Sexy as always' ash said grinning like an idiot.

'Eeeewwwwwwwwwww too much info. I only wanted you to say he was doing great' I told wrinkling my nose

'We're here' she said as she stopped the car.

'Whoa' I said as I came out of the car looking at the house or should I say mansion. I was totally awestruck.

'You can close your mouth now if you don't want to eat flies for dinner' ash told me grinning.

'Shut up but seriously how many rooms are in these mansion?' I asked.

'Two hundred I think'

'Babyyyyyyy' I heard someone call out and then the next think I see is ash and someone who I presume to be Xavier making out.

'Grossssssss ewwwwiieee get a room already' I told them totally grossed out but I'm not sure they heard me so I decide to head inside.

Upon going into the house, it was AMAZING It was even better than the outside- of course it will be mel. While looking around I saw a giant- eeeekkk I didn't know giants were real… oh wait is it because I'm short??- and a girl who looked to be about my age- which was 17 FYI- getting yelled at by the giant. I didn't think of what I was doing so I just ran and jumped on the giants back and started pulling on his ears with my teeth. He turned his head to look at me which was very painful for him because his ears were still being pulled. When he saw me, he took me off his back and threw me against the wall and I've gotta tell you the truth it hurt like a bitch but since I thought we were only play fighting, I ran and tackled him and then started tickling him. He was making deep grunting sounds until I realized he was laughing with tears in his eyes. That's when I grinned at him and stood up then looked over at the girl that was staring at me with shock in her eyes.

'Hey giiirrrrrllllll' I screamed at her- I never talk quietly instead I scream/yell out whatever I want to say because its way better.

'Hi' she said in a very soft voice.

'Who the hell are you' I heard a deep voice say and I was really confused until I remembered the giant was still in here. He caught his breath and stood up glaring at me

'Hey Mr. giant I'm Mel and I'm gonna be living here from now on so you better prepare the biggest room for me' I said grinning at him then turned back to the girl who looked at the giant with eyes as big as saucers.

'Its alpha Sam to you missy' he said getting angry already…. Wow he better get his anger issues checked.

'Its Mel to you Sammy' I said trying to imitate his voice but I ended up giggling with the girl who was still standing there.

'Quiet Kate' the girl who was standing there shut up immediately and then excused herself

'Why are you going Kate?? Do you know how rude your being now to her Sammy?? do you know how to talk to women??' I said then scolded Sam

'Are you deaf or something didn't you here what I just said?? I said I'm the alpha and you have to respect me' he said shaking all over.

'One I'm not deaf and two do I look like I fricken care that your alpha' I asked him

'Wow your one fierce young woman welcome to redmoon pack he said' looking at me amused

'Aren't I supposed to get a hug??' I asked really confused and then I jumped on him hugging him tight. I guess I took him by surprise cause he fell on his butt. Then Kate who has been standing there watching me and sam's exchange of words started giggling. Then I stood up and went over to her

'Don't I get a hug from you too' I asked smiling then hugged her.

'Alpha Sam this is Melanie Muñoz she's going to be staying with us' I heard ash say. Finally she and Xavier had decided to come in. I thought they were gonna do it outside.

'Oh don't worry ash. Sammy here already knows that' I said winking at her while patting Sammy on his hand but he just glared at me.

'Um Mel I think you shouldn't do that cause his like the alpha and gets really angry fast' ash told me while looking cautiously at Sammy.

'Sammy which room is the biggest room here?' I asked him ignoring what ash was telling me.

'My room is the biggest' he said thinking.

'Which is the second biggest?'

'Um that'll be Dylan's room'

'Where is Dylan?'

'Oh he went over to Paris for the weekend and his coming back on Monday, but, I think you'll be in school when he comes back'.

'Hmm ok can you show me the room?'

'Sure' he replied starting to walk off but then I didn't wanna walk so I just stood there until he turned around to see that I was still standing there.

'I want a piggyback ride Sammy. I don't feel like walking' I said pouting

'You better not bite my ears again' he said then came over to me and I climbed onto his back.

Soon we were walking past a door were a lot of people were watching finding nemo- I squealed so loud that Sammy winced.

'Oh my god take me in there' I said holding unto his neck very tight so he had no option but to go in there. When we went in everyone looked up. Once they saw Sammy their eyes widened in shock and their mouth was wide open but I didn't care about that because my one and only favorite movie in this world was on and since there was no more seats left I jumped unto the nearest persons-which mind you was a guy. A very hot guy I should say and he was mateless. I always know when people are mateless because they just have this kind of smell, never mind about that- lap and just watched the movie grinning and smiling at the best parts in the movie. Before I knew it the movie ended and that's when I realized every eyes in the room was on me. I looked up to the face of the guy I was sitting on then stood up and went to stand beside Sammy.

'Um who are you?' a blonde girl who had the most annoying voice ever asked me. Although she looked like a slut so I thought she was one.

'I'm Mel and I'm guessing you're a slut' I said smiling widely at her but she had a look of shock on her.

'What did you say?' she screeched at me while trying to adjust her so obvious fake boobs.

'Sammy is she deaf?' I asked Sam looking at him confused and he was trying really hard to hold a laugh

'No she's not' he said with a small smile on his face.

'I said that I'm Mel and I'm guessing you're a slut' I said much more loudly and slowly this time until I heard people snickering.

'What the hell. I am nothing but a slut ok? Just so you know I'm also dating the soon to be alpha so you better not mess with me or I'll mess you up. You stupid little whore' she said getting really angry

'Um well your wearing a belt that you think is a skirt and also a very low cut top then you've got a whole make-up store on your face then lastly you've go the voice that sounds like your constipated' I told her. Oh boy she looks really angry and then she came over to me.

'How dare you say that? Do you know who your dealing with?' she fully screamed at me.

'Um it's a free country I can say anything I want and yer I do know who I'm dealing with and I'm dealing with a slut and between I can smell a lot of scents that belong to guys on you' I smiled and looked around. The next thing I knew, someone slapped me. Even if I'm the most powerful wolf in over two centuries- I'll tell you all about this later- I still felt the sting of it. I turned really slowly to the girl and eyed her then smiled at her.

'Oh you poor poor pathetic girl do you know who you just slapped?' I kinda cooed at her.

'Er yes……. I slapped a midget who thinks she can run her mouth at me' she said smiling at me smugly.

'Omg at least I'm not a giant who is a fatty' I said giggling

'Did you just call me fat?' she asked me.

'Last time I checked, I did' I said. She slapped me again. What the hell is with her and slapping. I became so angry that in seconds she was in the air being held by the neck by an invisible hand and it was choking her.

'DON'T. EVER. TOUCH. ME. AGAIN' I said gritting my teeth. While everyone was gasping and asking questions about me, I looked over at Sammy and saw that he finally knew who I was and what I was capable of doing. Good.

'Mel calm down' Sammy told me and it made me start giggling because he was the one that gets angry easily. Getting Tired of wasting my powers on a useless thing I threw her on the other side of the room.

'Shut up Sammy' I said still trying to control my giggles.

'Whoa did she just tell the alpha to shut up?' some random person asked.

'You're a freak' the slut said standing up and glaring at me then stomped out of the room.

'Geez what's her problem Sammy?' I asked scrunching up my face. Suddenly everyone started talking and asking questions about me like I wasn't in the same room as them.

'Are they this rude all the time?' I asked pouting at sammy.

'QUIET YOU BUNCH OF IDIOTS' sammy yelled out and in an instant it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and that's when I realized sam just insulted them by calling them idiots.

'Ow Mel that hurt' sammy exclaimed after I punched him in the gut

'That's what you get for insulting people sammy' I said giving him my best innocent look then turned around to see everyone's jaw about to drop to the floor.

'I LIKE HER' a guy that looked so cute yelled out.

'WHATS YOUR NAME' I yelled out to him

'TED' he said winking

'OH. MY. GOSH YOU CAN BE MY PERSONAL TEDDY BEAR' I screamed then ran and jumped on him. We were just grinning like idiots while everyone watched us like we were freaks.

'HEY EVERYONE I'M MEL AND I'M GONNA BE LIVING WITH YOU GUYS FROM NOW ON' I yelled some more just for the fun of it.

'Wow Dylan's so not going to be happy with what Mel just did to Skye' for some reason this statement made me upset so I started thinking about pink smurfs- I know smurfs are blue but there might be a chance that there are pink smurfs in this world.

'Wow you guys are so rude.. You won't even tell me your names' I said with fake tears coming down my face and everyone suddenly looked guilty and shocked.

'I'm zeke' a guy with absolutely gorgeous eyes and blonde hair said grinning at me.

'Um ok now I don't want to hear any more names since I already know it' I said grimacing a little.

'Sammy make me a sammich' I said then started giggling.

'You're a woman your meant to make your sandwiches by yourself' he mumbled.

'Do you want me kick your ass again?' I asked him making myself look innocent and he turned around to go to the kitchen….. Hmph that's what I thought.

'You do know that you just told alpha sam to make you a sandwich' a girl with absolutely pretty red hair told me looking shocked.

'Ha yer the alpha who doesn't know how to fight' I scoffed

'Um Mel you kinda have that wrong' she continued so I chose to ignore her.

'Can someone take me to the second biggest room?' I asked looking around until I saw a dude that was a very orangey color and the first thing I thought of was the evil orange smurfs.

'Arrrgggghhhhhh who let the evil orange smurf into this house…… die die die' I tackled the orange smurf and started yelling while hitting him then I felt arms pulling at me

'Mel what the fuck are you doing' I heard teddy say

'Why isn't he dying? …………. Arghhhh DIE for rainbow cakes sake'

'Mel stop hitting him' I heard sam say then I was dragged off the evil smurf

'Kill him he's an evil orange smurf'

'SHUT UP FOR FUCK'S SAKE' sammy yelled and that's when I shut up because I heard laughter and I got bored of hitting and yelling at the evil smurf.

'YOU SHUT UP' I yelled at him then laughed because of the way his face was.

'WHAT THE FUCK MAN ARE YOU RETARDED?' The evil smurf asked while glaring at me and wincing in pain.










'SHUT UP' sammy yelled in his alpha voice and that's when I slapped him and let me tell you, I slap really hard.

'OH NO SHE DIDN'T' someone that sounded like the red hair girl said

'NEVER USE THAT ALPHA VOICE THINGIE ON ME OK?' I told him while gritting my teeth cause I was really pissed off at him for using his alpha thingie on me even though I'm immune to it, I hate to see other people around me back down like that.

'I'm watching you evil smurf…….. Teddy take me to Dylan's room and I also need people that are strong to move his things into a different room' I said pulling on teddy's and kate's hand but before I walked out the door I glared at sam and that's when the unexpected happened…….. Wait for it…………… I walked into the wall.


'Um mel your talking to a wall' I heard sam say and blushed when I knew that without turning around, everyone will be staring at me like I'm crazy……..hmm who cares its their own problem they're just jealous I'm sexier than them

'Don't talk to me alpha sam' I said mocking him a little and then turned around to sneer at him but saw that he was looking at me with a sad face...good… next time he wouldn't use his alpha voice on me.

'I love this chick' I heard evil smurf say

'Too bad your not my type evil smurf' I said smirking at him

'Eeeeewwwww not in that way idiot' he said scrunching up his nose

'Aren't I sexy enough?' I winked then walked out dragging teddy and Kate behind me.

'Wow you really made alpha sam guilty' kate said while trying to keep the huge grin off her face

'Mel I wanna have a nap' teddy said pouting


'I don't think dylan's gonna be happy if you move his stuff out of his room' kate said

'Chillax babe if he's got a problem then he's dealing with me' I said without a care in the world.


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