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Curvy Queen!

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, Meet me, the curvy queen!

My flaws, I have learned, are what create me.

And yes, I fear, I am not exceptionally proud of my belly.

But alas! I’m afraid your say

Is not significant to me,

For I know that I am a curvy queen!

Yes I have those evident tendrils along my legs,

Even though I still eat my eggs.

These details do not distress me,

For I know that I am a curvy queen!

I remember my sadness when I was fifteen,

Caused by the fact that I couldn’t wear those sweet jeans.

My sadness was quickly forgotten for soon I had learned

That I will be me,

The curvy queen!

But still, I’m afraid, I will not wear

That tiny two piece bikini to my next

Watery affair.

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