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"Open Wide!"

By: ben hardstaff

Page 1, I wrote this after my trip to the dentist today.

"Open Wide!"


I went to the Dentist today,

for treatment of dental decay,

but the shrill of the drill,

and extortionate bill,

In future, will keep me away.


I'd rather give up all the sweets -

The chocolatey, sugary treats.

Though they're lovely to munch

between breakfast and lunch,

It's those the enamel depletes.


So now that I'm free of the gaps,

thanks to numerous crowns and caps,

I'll give up the toffees,

and sugary coffees,

 and relinquish the Gingersnaps.


There'll be no more dental cement,

or reasons for me to lament,

about not taking care

of the teeth that are there -

It's harder to cure than prevent!

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