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Baffled in Inglish

By: bobthebuilder

Page 1, Haunt Sorrow issued a challenge to use 10 little used, bizarre words in a poem or story, and I couldn\'t do it. So I let my illiterate half cousin on my mother\'s side take a whack at it.

Baffled in Inglish

As i luk at de asinement I am baffled,
all deez wurds day jus spin in my hed.
I turn de lampon to see and then
I turn da lampopheny more times.
But it never heps, inaniloquent at times,
but not dis time,
as iloquence alludes me today.
Man come and mungo, all day long dont u no,
nihilarian dimin me to death they ar,
wit there floccinaucinihilipification, sorry,
I don normaly swere,
but were did she come up wit dez stupid wurds?
I wuz just mesonoxian cuz of de high altitude,
and it wus messin wit my brane, dont u no.
Erinaceous a good lookin gal,
its hard for me to think strate.
Hay Brum, what u lookin at yu ugly turd!
Ah, dont cry, I wus jus finnimbrum, yu aint ugly!
Hey, i didit, used all da wurds dont u no,
wont the teecher be proud today!
I shurly hope I get an A!

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