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Let The Ideas Crawl Out

By: bobthebuilder

Page 1, Was commenting on a poem by LuluCross and was inspired. Blame her for this. Take too much free time, add a little inspiration, shake well...


Let The Ideas Crawl Out


I like to dream, I like to write.
I sit and think most every night.
Sometimes wrong, and sometimes right,
sometimes I even get a fright.

But right or wrong, it doesn't matter,
It's what I have to say.
It may be mindless chatter,
or profound in some new way.

So pay me no attention,
or laugh, or cry, or shout.
It wasn't my intention,
but it may even make you pout.

So poetry can happen, of that I have no doubt.
Just let the lid come off your mind,
and let the ideas crawl out.

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