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The Time Machine?

By: bobthebuilder

Page 1, Another exercise in rhyme and rhythm, practicing my prose on a subject everyone knows.

I'm thinking of a place you find,
where happy people stand in line,
anticipating what will come,
to spare them from their lives humdrum.

A time machine it does exist,
Its lure so hard to resist.
A different time, another place,
Far away from the rat race.

You pay the fare,
and take your chair.
Recline a bit
if you see fit.

Prepare your body for the ride,
It will stay behind while you go inside.
The lights go down, the audience hushes,
and on the screen the image rushes.

It fills your vision side to side,
A mile tall and a mile wide.
You lose yourself, become engaged,
emotions rarely felt, uncaged.

To sea, or sky or even space,
or some completely imagined place,
Immersed, you have become a part,
you feel it your pounding heart.

You scream and cry,
or even die!
Life on the screen,
Mundane to obscene.

Experience what you cannot,
feel the feelings you forgot.
Transported you were, here to there,
All included in the fare.

Now leave you must, but we will stay,
Ready, as always, to take you away.
Thank you, thank you, ladies and men.
We await your return, please come again!

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