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A Declaration of Love: An Italian Style Sonnet For James

By: CMTretyak

Page 1, This is an Italian Style Sonnet written in Iambic Pentameter for my boyfriend, James. Come have a read! :)


Your eyes are as green as the grass itself, my dear.

Many times, I want to kick your- ASK me not!

I cannot bear it! I love you too much.

But at the same time… I actually hate you.

You drive me insane!  But I will always like you.

You’re tall and kind and smart and tolerant.

You are creative and weird and very silly.

I digress.  It is no secret.  I hate you.


You are very, very lazy and you drive me crazy!

You will always leave my day dreams in a craze…

After being with you, I am left in a daze!

Speaking of a daze, remind me of the ways…

The ways I love… and hate you… love always stays.

Love is stronger than hate, so… how about a date?

You drive me mad! But without you, I’d be sad. 

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