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By: garrycroft

Page 1, POPE..pot pourri...POPE....IT\'S ABOUT THE POPE



Pensive with sadness whilst reading the news

Only despair-no progress to muse

Then suddenly it hit me, now I feel I can cope

Our saviour, the Lord, dressed as a Pope.

An atheist I am but respect people’s right

To follow religion, I know they don’t bite

I draw the line at their hierarchy

Pompous papal patriarchy.

I mitre wear a hat, then again, I mighter not

Decision of the day if a pope is your lot

He lives with wealth in the Vatican

Gets all the publicity that he can.

Zimmer and viagara and a tendency to leak

Christ, he’s quite old, in fact an antique

Won’t be so long before he’s gone as well

What’s the difference? -no-one can tell.

Priests gathered round, discussed and then picked

A successor to that bloke Ben ‘e dicked

Frank is a freak with a flared furry nose

Francis of Ass-is-he, the name by which he goes.

Looks like Jim Bowen after a night on the ale

“Just look what you could have won” he does regale

Likes a bit of “bully” when it gets late

A massive spliff – super, smashing, great.

It’s just pot pourri.

©Garry Croft March 2013

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