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Just Journey into Fun Land

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, Everyone should take some time to let your mind wander! Have fun.

Just Journey into Fun Land



This morning, I eagerly flip over a dull mattress

No hard work, quick and easy, I must confess!

Now as I lay there, I look at the ceiling to daydream

In a daisy meadow, I feel the breezes, warmest sunbeam


Puffy clouds make adorable pictures, a seal, boat, flower

My busy mind wants to play, I can even start up a shower

Then I see an angry dark sky, I have to find a safe place

I imagine a cave with balloons, pies, dolls in pretty lace

Rainbow pinwheels, familiar music box, teddy bear sings

Enjoy life, a butterfly of love, hope as Easter chime rings!

This is magic joy, youthful happiness with laughs, cheer

Fun to pretend and that mattress says, Dress me up dear!

All you have to do is think something cute, colours bright

Just happily paint thoughts, make believe paradise delight!

Get away from boring, dull moments of life. Merrily sail off to sunny, pleasant Imagination Fun Land. It’s splendidly free, joyful relaxing and no travel sickness!!

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