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Marvelled at Nature

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, Oh, this is something bright, cute and very nice to remember for Valentine\'s Day. Hope you all enjoy it!

Marvelled at Nature

When I went ice fishing, I pulled up a rusty coat hanger,

and oh my heavens, that shouldn't be

People throw their garbage, they really think

all this stuff is good for the sea

I put the coat hanger on a bank,

near a great beaver's dam

I quickly left for lunch, later back to fish

with my good friend Sam

When we reach the spot, I was so amazed,

truly, a beaver can be very smart

Because that same coat hanger was

perfectly shaped into a lovely heart

I turned to my friend, "Can this be real,

did a beaver make a heart for some fun?"

We now see the beaver holding a sign,

Always recycle, young and old, everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day, Feb.14, 2012.

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