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I'm A Flake?

By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, A misinterpretation .....

I took it as a compliment

When I was called a ‘flake’,

I thought they meant like chocolate bar

Or shavings on a cake,

Assumed a terminology

For ‘tasty little mare’,

Now know my ideology

Was fully unaware;

I though perhaps a word for trim

A bit like a dark rake,

Because a flake is brown and slim

Seemed obvious mistake;

I guessed the word meant rich and smooth,

Erotic little beast,

But now I have learnt the truth

I’m not amused to say the least;

A dictionary thoughtfully thrown,

Flew in my direction

And so now what should have known,

I’ve learnt upon inspection:

A ‘crazy person,’ leapt from page,

Or one who is ‘bizarre’,

Or ‘unreliable’, a phrase

That pushed me just too far;

I ordered seventh drink from bar

And gave friend a feisty clout;

Then danced nude around my car,

But still know nowt what they're about.

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