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My Advice on Finding The Perfect Male

By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, Goes without saying, the best are on Booksie. Not sure if Attanasio meant this sort of poem when he suggested I write on this subject? Sure he will let me know.

The choices are quite endless
If your pick of male is wise,
There’s no need to be friendless
When there are so many guys.

Avoid men with tiny feet
And the ones who wax their chest,
Or the ones with no heart beat
Although beat that’s weak is best.

The ones who are greedy
Or the ones no good in sack,
As one will be too needy;
One will just lay on his back

Shun ones who have hay-fever,
As they will sneeze for hours
And not the type of geezer,
Who’ll buy you bunch of flowers.

The ones who are forgetful
As will not have their Visa;
Might claim they are regretful
When can’t pay for their teaser.

The ones who are often late
Or don’t reply to your text,
Likely to have other mate
And sure to be oversexed.

The ones which put mummy first,
They will let you down for sure,
Who will love you to the church,
But will always love 'her' more.

As said when I first started,
You need to be selective;
Sweet like me; open-hearted,
As not all are defective.

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