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Poetry By: Indie Skreet

1st text: ‘Hey, you should come to my Bed Warming – bring a friend. Alcohol & Nipples’.
2nd text: ‘Oops, slip of the thumb, I meant flat warming and nibbles.

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The Bed Warming message

I guessed would do the trick

And D was on the phone

Predictably quick

No longer over eager

I knew to play it cool

And six attempts later

I scored the winning ball.

Reluctant to visit,

I simply shrugged it off,

'That's fine,' I said

With a little cough.

'I'm sure someone else,

Will gladly warm my bed'.

'I guess no harm a coffee',

He paused and simply said.

When he arrived,

Sexual tension in the air,

We both pretended

There was nothing there.

We spoke over beverage,

About this and that,

Moments of silence,

Punctuated chat.

Maybe an hour

Of this playful game,

Then we hugged and kissed,

It was pretty tame

He fondled my leg wistfully;

I searched my mind for words,

But he wasn't listening;

When he did he rarely heard.

He penetrated deeply,

Amidst new satin sheets,

I pulled him even closer,

As our juices merged and seeped.

He accidentally entered,

Where tender without gel,

Apologised; went elsewhere,

Pummelling my shell.

Then he was behind me

As paused for coffee; toast

And took me on the breakfast bar,

I was a first-class host.

He laughed at my athleticism;

There must have been a risk,

But bizarrely no suffering

From my significant slipped disc.

He took me on the table,

Screwed me on the couch,

Never disappointing,

Of this I truly vouch.

And when the buzzer rang,

He jumped pretty high

I giggled knowingly,

'Just the delivery guy'.

Through the intercom,

'Need help with the bed!'

A mammoth task for one,

'Would you help?' I said.

He fumbled for his clothes

And hastily he dressed,

But four flights later,

D was not impressed.

We then fucked in a manner,

Where we wanted to please

Only each other,

Meeting all our needs.

And when I swallowed,

I savoured every drop,

Though by now sated,

I didn't want to stop.

I pulled him even nearer

As he went to leave,

Kissed him passionately,

Enjoying make-believe.

Knew not when I'd see him,

Though I felt no concern

Enough that I would,

When he chose to return.

I knew what it was,

Felt back in control,

Under no illusion,

As to why he made me whole.

Sex was the understanding,

And nothing more than that,

And unlikely, for one so deep

I accepted shocking fact.


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