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The Problem with writing Erotica

By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, Inspired by Sultryalice\'s poem about her Booksie Statistics

The snag with erotic writing

Is it’s hard without a sex life

The one time it was exciting

Was when I was a good wife

He’d sex message me at work

And bought my first vibrator

In alleyways he’d lurk

And not just as spectator

He’d compliment my dress

Though it wasn’t on for long

He’d make a sorry mess

But it really turned me on

I'd go to make a cup of tea

He'd have one thing on his mind

Looking none too subtly

To give it from behind

He’d fuck me in the shower

And shag me in the bath

He had staying power

And never came too fast

He’d screw me on the table

And bang me on the chair

And the best part of the fable

Is my husband wasn’t there

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