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Fees Fees Fees...Weee!

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, I cannot live without...Feeeees!

Fees Fees Fees …Weeeee


My dearest fees, I love you

So much,

I need you so much,

You have that

Magic touch, right in

Your fees


If I rent a car, A la Par, you

Taste those fees,

My dear iece



When I buy a plane ticket

I can hear

Damn crickets, singing,

Fees, fees,

Down to my knees


I love you more and more

My sweetest,

Fees beast fees

You never shows your


When I wake up from your


Wee, wee,

These are your fees, fees


Oh my darling fees, you and

Me, together,

We can fleeced even the


You’re so artiste, never



Fees, fees, fees, and more fees,

What would I do?

Without yees,

It can exist a world with no fees,

My darling, wildebeest.


Copyright © 2012

By: Juli Monat



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