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Nasty Canasty

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, The story of a drifter.

Nasty Canasty

I'm drinking Bacardi, Tequila,

In Manila,

Woman Maravilla

Tokkers,and experts, chokers,

No jokers,

Is one of the reason,

I'm hiding from Mr. Pearson

Quality for the - Manatee! yellow- tree,

Breath! you'll see,

I'm no personality, jailhouse- key,

Donkey- pee, corrupt - me,

From toe to knee,

Atlantic! bleed to sea,

Andorra, Camberra, Becerra,

Watch! Damn perra,

Is you or, Nova - Terra,

I was told, your name is Rod!

Here's your Empire,

Vampire! from Shire,

Bloody Mary!

Running all dry, you and I,

Tom and Jerry,

Sweet so tasty, gone!

Captain Look! he's back, scumbag!

"Dirty old! Nasty Canasty.

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2012


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