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Sane...Or Just the Same!

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Doctor said...patient led.

Sane...Or Just The same!

My doctor told me, is all in your


Creating scenes and plans for no one

To understand,

So, take your pills and dig under

The sand,

Follow the guide,

To the best of your life...Doctor said!

But, I like whatever come to

My cerebellum...Vroom!

My paranoia,

 Keeps me away from enemies

Of mine,

My depression,

Session for transformation,

Like my own "short sale"

It shook me down, from head

To toe-nail,

And my hallucinations...How I love them all!

We play,

Hide and seek...No, I can't cheat!

Am I mentally ill? I might...Termite!

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

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