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Closing The Ring (Terry's challenge)

Poetry By: katzenjammer

We needed to add the line "“My name is ___ and I don’t have a friend in the world” and to kill Ezekiel, who is the hero in a story that Terry start to wrote and couldnt finish. anyway I had no intention to do his dirty work all by myself... My first challenge. It's a funny\tragic poem\short story. enjoy.

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Closing The Ring

"So, what brings you to this wretched city?"
-"I hope to gain some inspiration" I answered. "I'm a writer.
What about you? you look like hell, no offence..
so what did you forget in this place?"
-"forget? I wish!
Seems like you're not in a rush, so here's your inspiration, listen to this,

"I've been always kind of a loner, you know. Just me, my materials- the heavy stuff, and god.
Until the first time I got here, asked for myself to find.
But I've found something much better.
The prettiest girl in this whole pathetic city. Her name was Ricki, and she was fine..
Actually she named Angelina, but it doesn't rhyme.."
-"Rhyme?!" I asked with anger. "Is that a game? are you trying to make up a poem?!"
-"Nop.., sorry.. Anyway, I knew immediately that she's mine.
I tell you she was gorgeous. Impossibly Beautiful. I was in love.
I did not know what the future may hold for us, but I knew it would be perfect.
And it was.
Our love was soaring. We traveled all around the world, had the best time.
We knew that we were made for each other, and everyone agreed.
Nothing could come between us now"

"But then the problems began.
The drugs got into her brain
the DR. said we're insane
she was his first patient ever without a single vein
Ye, the whole situation was pretty lame.
She has been in a coma for about 6 weeks.
Then one day, as I made my way to the hospital,
I saw her stepping through the door
It was incredible, she was pretty even more
I cannot describe my feelings, it's a miracle! god is with us
then she crossed the road and got hit by a bus.
Ye, God made me his private joke,
whenever I find the key, he goes and changes the lock"

"So here I am.
My name is Ezekiel Withervane and I don't have a friend in the world
I'm loneley, Out of my skull I'm getting bored
And I'm sorry, Terry, for laughing at you from your blank page
I didn't meant to enrage
I'm sorry for your story too, it's a shame.
Instead you can keep this poem.
Now it's my time to go.
Take my gun and pull the trigger. please dont shade no tear"
-"Are you kidding?? I've been waiting for this moment for over a year"
-"What do you expect? that I would love to buy you a beer?
Of course I want you dead
I even offered on Booksie a price on your head"
-"Booksie who??"
-"Oh just forget it!
Either way now you're a dead meat"

I took the gun but it's magazine was empty,
the bastard only wanted to test me!
He waved at me with his other gun
and I was like "so..what about a beer..? it would be fun..!"
He smiled. it was frightening
then he got hit by a lightning
It stroke him in the hand, the one with the gun
he started to scream and run
So I told him "what are you yelling about,
it hits you in your left hand, you should be allRight"
-"That was low man!"
-"On one hand you're right.. but on the other, well, you're lacking a palm"
-"Hey! knock it off!
-"Ok" I said. I took his gun, and shot him down.
He was gone before the dawn.
That's it. My mission is done.


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