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hUMourOus POeM

By: maystar

Page 1, fUNNY X2

Yesterday I died,
And today I am alive.
Two weeks from now I saw a dog,
Walking its pet man.
I look across the street
And see a complete stranger;
Apart from that he’s my Uncle Jo;
And my older brother Johno.
Yesterday I died
And today I am alive.
I saw a jacket dancing,
With a no head or hand
But eyes and mouth.
Afterwards the cat next door began to talk to me.
He said hello and bye to me,
Then it growled and barked at me.
It was scary;
I was laughing,
I jumped up,
Remaining stationery,
And screamed
With my mouth closed.
At 10pm in
The middle of the day.
It was black as coal
And bright as orange.
Two dead men got up to fight.
Then one of them began to scream
He opened his mouth
But no noise came out.
Then one was shot
And the other was killed.
If you don’t believe me,
Then ask the deaf man who asked,
And the blind man who saw.
This is the end of the beginning.
If you don’t see me today,
You’ll see me tomorrow.
Which is five weeks from now,
And eight months, next week.

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