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The girl who cried alien

By: maystar

Page 1, It is a like a new take on theboy who cried wolf it is in rhyme

There once was a village that was very superstitious.
For there once was an alien who was very, very vicious.
His name was Kevin Mc Talien,
and people claimed he was an alien.
For he ate those who came near,
So the villages people were in constant fear.

In the village, lived a girl called Milly.
How though she was funny but actually silly.
For she said her teacher was an
Evil, and wicked, reckless man.

Quickly they shut the school down,
but many parents did frown.
So they form a big mob,
Whilst the teacher was doing his job,
The stormed in chanting Alien
Alien, like Kevin Mc Talien.
We’ll burn you with our fire,
And a new teacher they’ll have to hire.
Then he said back I am confused
why am I being accused?
One of them replied,
A girl called Milly cried,
That you are an alien,
and that you resemble Kevin MC Talien.
I not he claimed,
You should all be ashamed.
They found Milly blowing a bubble,
And then she got in trouble.
The next day she went to school
Everyone stared at her and called her a fool.
Then the teacher who she had accused
came to her drunk, he had been drinking booze.
I will eat you today,
When the sun is shining and you are suppose to play,
I’ll eat you!
You little fool.
Milly then called out alien
Like Kevin Mc Talien
But no one listened and she was eaten....

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