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What is it??!!

By: maystar

Page 1, Whose there or what¿?

As dark as the night sky, As creepy as a black cat. In a blur,it moves around. What is it? No body knows. Scared children, they tremble in their beds. Duvet extended to over by their heads. They try to close their eyes, But they can't. The tree. It's fingers silently tap the windows. Clash, clash. Suddenly a scream is heard. Hearts begin to pound. They become beating drums. They run... Looking outside. Still sleep deprived and paroniod. Pitch black it is in the room. There is a shadow, moving around on the wall... A blood curdling laugh. Look back... Whose there? No one??!... Foot steps heard... Silent ones... But the floor board creaks. Whose their, Or perhaps, what's there??!! The wind, it whistles, Swisssh, swassh. The gentle breeze. They look around, But no one's there. Pitter, patter. Drip, drop. Is it raining?? No...... Look up, thr ceiling, Water drops. Drip, drop. The light's it on, No wait, it's off.. Each time, it. Gets closer... Flickering lights, Soon stay stably on. It's soon behind..

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