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Short Trip to Slightly Mad

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, My answer to MAmberConrad\'s challenge!

Short Trip to Slightly Mad

By Mike Stevens
Based on the Queen song "I'm Going Slightly Mad"

I need to take a trip by train,

I really need a break from feeling slightly insane

Or maybe it should be by boat

But if I don’t get away, that’s all she wrote!

I’d take my car, but it’s missing one wheel,

But I seem to be a little short on the money deal

Right now, I couldn’t even get shipwrecked, for,

If the trip’s by boat, I’d be one wave short!

But whichever way I choose, I hope there’s a doctor on board,

For there’s a voice in my head that roars and roars

Seems lately, I’ve been feeling sick

Yes, a vacation should do the trick

And, I’m coming down with a fever,

I’ve been misdiagnosed, it’s really the deceiver

For the doctors, they can’t figure it out

But that I’m losing it, there is NO doubt!

Lately, when I look in the mirror,

I see a banana tree; oh, dear

Its image is staring back at me

So as you can plainly see,

I really need a vacation!

I need to get away from ‘Insanity Nation”

I thought I’d brew up some nice sanity tea,

But the damn kettle boiled over, and got crazy, all over me!

I think I’ll pass the time on the trip playing solitaire,

But I’m missing one card that I can’t find anywhere

I just hope that on the short trip to slightly mad,

I don’t have the worst trip I’ve ever had!

Feel like I’m knitting with only one needle

Sweater keeps unraveling so fast, looking kind of feeble

So, you see my dear, I really need to get away,

Before my grip on reality continues to fade!

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