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By: moonphish

Page 1, a christmas poem for dyslexics


well, i asked satan for a god for christmas
and if he don't deliver, he's reviled
i'm so sacred that he will engorge me
i capped a gab and set off on his trial
i headed south as surely you accepted
my pumpkiss in my hand to weed the lei
twas guided by loparis, that's the god rats
i snearched the so for crats of satan's slay
luddensy, i herd annoys he bind me
a mall and smuffled bark to my per size
i rooked aloud and saw a little pee pup
and then dear trops castrated from my eyes
so tank you, my dear satan , for the goddy
although i river nilly sawed your face
know i now the neaming of the seizin'
arrecipate the gorly of your grace


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