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By: moonphish

Page 1, if given my druthers.....

i'd rather have a wedgie than a veggie

prefer to have my shorts right up my butt
i'd rather have it squirm up than a turnip
i know that you must think that i'm a nut
i'd rather have a lump than eat a pumpkin
although you might believe it otherwise
so is it a bikini or zucchini ?
the answer that i give is no surprise
i'd rather grin and bear it than a carrot
discomfort is preferred to bitter taste
a bit of extra baggage beats a cabbage
even if it climbs up to my waist
a problem in my pants still beats some eggplants
there's certain foods that turn me to a crank
and underwear between still tops a green bean
and if it gets too bad i'll give a yank

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