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By: moonphish

Page 1, nothing says lovin\' like something from the oven


there's a girl down at the bakery
that makes me really shakery
i gotta say she really takes the cake
onion rolls so good you'll cry
she's the apple of my pie
my temperature goes up each time she bakes
she is sweeter than a muffin'
with a creamy inner stuffin'
not a cookie cutter girl by any means
donut make ya wanna hug her
all the gingerbread men dug her
not a cooler cruller in this town is seen
she has pretty lady fingers
and the fresh bread scent will linger
even when the bakery doors are  closin' down
and her hips make lazy rolls
and as across the floor she strolls
all the grooms on wedding cakes will look around
and while speaking of a wedding
which is where i have been heading
i would love to take this woman by the hand
i would smile and say "i do"
and hopefully, she'd say it too
and a bun inside her oven would be planned


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