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By: moonphish

Page 1, howdy


there's a burr beneath my saddle
since my baby went skedaddle
now my heart is bleedin' like a hemorrhoid
now i really had no fair chance
cause i couldn't do a square dance
guess the best that i could was trapezoid
well, this girl could make me holler
like a horse stuck in a collar
yes, she clearly broke the bronco of my heart
i have never seen such riches
in a pair of denim britches
i'm distraught i'll never get those legs apart
my emotions she would stir up
she was sweet as maple syrup
running into all my crevices and nooks
but she soon began to waffle
turned my awesome into awful
changed our harlequin romance to comic books
nevermore to set my eyes on
she rode off to the horizon
in the setting sun i saw her silhouette
my mind's cracked like humpty dumpty
and my heart's as dry and lumpy
as a tenderfoot's first hand rolled cigarette
when that yellow rose of texas
hit me in the solar plexus
i lay face down in the dust of lover's lane
i guess you'd call me buffaloed
she said "good bye, son, hit the road
for it looks, dear john, that now our love has waned"
left a hole like carlsbad cavern
so i think i'll hit the tavern
and i'll buy a drink for every drunk in town
take me home in a wheelbarrow
damn that cupid and his arrows
i'm a cowpoke who's been poked till he went down
hey bartender, get my friends another round
hey bartender, get my friends another round
hey bartender, get my friends another round


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