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Lil' Maggie Lou

Poetry By: Patri Poe

Tags: Humor, Poetry

I wrote this for my daughter, who became a VERY picky eater when she turned three:)

Submitted:Jan 31, 2013    Reads: 24    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

Lil' Maggie Lou

Vegetables repulsed Lil' Maggie Lou.

She only wanted junk food, nothing else would do.

Her little nose turned up just at their very sight.

She'd groan and moan then clench her teeth with all her might.

She'd scream, bawl, howl and rant

"I just can't eat them! I can't! I can't!"

Her parents grew frustrated with their little girl.

Just mentioning a vegetable made Maggie Lou's upper lip curl.

Her mom tried every vegetable known to man.

She bought them fresh, dehydrated, frozen and in the can.

But day after day, Maggie Lou refused them all.

While her parents warned her that she'd never grow tall.

But Maggie Lou refused to listen one bit.

For hours after dinner she'd stubbornly sit,

While the vegetables on her plate turned mushy and cold

And her parents hollered "Just do what you're told!"

Maggie Lou would scowl, cross her arms and simply state

Exactly what would happen if she ate any vegetable on her plate.

"Spinach and carrots will make me sneeze!

Broccoli and okra will make me wheeze!

If I eat even one kernel of corn

My head will sprout a purple horn!

Cabbage will make fire shoot out of my nose!

Asparagus will make fur grow upon my toes!

My hands will turn to claws if I eat cauliflower

And green beans will make me hurl for an hour!"

Finally, Maggie Lou's parents let her win.

Tired of her tantrums, they decided to give in.

No more vegetables were placed upon her plate.

Candy and junk food were all she ever ate.

Three years later, Maggie Lou still wore the same old clothes

Cuz she hadn't grown an inch from her head down to her toes.

The other kids teased her because she hadn't grown at all.

She remembered her parents warning that she never would grow tall.

So one night before dinner, Maggie Lou had a strange request:

"Make every single one of those vegetables that I detest!"

Her mother quickly went to work and soon she had created

An elaborate feast of every vegetable that Maggie Lou so hated.

Maggie Lou ate all her veggies then slumped back in her chair.

She had spinach in her teeth and carrots in her hair.

And then a strange thing happened - Maggie Lou started sneezing.

She sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, and then she started wheezing.

Suddenly fire shot out of her nose,

Thick fur now covered her once cute toes.

Her hands turned into claws, a purple horn sprang from her head

And her mother sadly remembered what Maggie Lou had said.

Then Maggie Lou started hurling all over the place.

The doctor said that it was his most peculiar case.

He shook his head and muttered, "I really just don't know."

Maggie Lou looked at her mom and screamed, "I told you so!"


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