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Kenny and the Kid

By: Please

Page 1, This is for the MAmberConrad contest... I hope its not to late or to bad. This is my first attempt at humor. This may be the most epic fail of my life. Please comment, i need to know. Thanks!

Kenny had always love to sleep with goats

Don't look like that! I'll explain folks

He wasn't a pervert

Just an introvert

Who loved their furry warm coats

Other people laughed at him

And though, of course, this was a sin

I have to admit

He did smell a bit

Like the creatures, when with them he'd been

And so Kenny chose for friends

those who wanted to reach the same ends

He had no ambitions

Save keep his traditions

with the goats he stayed again and again

One day, a mean girl from his town

Got a pretty she-goat who was brown

That goat had a baby

Poor Kenny went crazy!

He so wanted that kid for his own!

Kenny wanted it so badly that

He stole the kid from that mean little brat

No one bothered to ask him

He was weird, the moved passed him

so alone Kenny with that kid-napped!


Quiet people get away with more

No one wants to knock on the weird ones door

Take advantage of your spot

Remember the lesson taught

You can get what you want, for shore!

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